Futures and Options Tutorial for Beginners

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Derivatives are known to be among the most powerful financial instruments, The Indian equity derivatives market has seen tremendous growth since the year 2000 when equity derivatives were introduced in India. This futures and options tutorial provides insights into different types of equity derivatives, their trading, clearing and settlement and the regulatory framework, preparing you for a career in the fascinating world of trading. We constantly help you with strategies for equity and derivatives investment provides knowledge for trading on futures & options, hedging with Nifty and other products and opportunities of near risk free arbitrage between various segments. These instruments give rise to many opportunities as well as challenges because there are some important differences between investments in the cash market as opposed to that in derivatives

Topics Covered

The Topics covered in the Equity Derivatives for Beginners course are:


  • Forward Contract
  • Profit and loss in forward Contracts
  • Futures Contracts
  • Basics of Options
  • Call Option  and Put Option
  • Profit and Loss from Options
  • Price of an Option

Future and Options

  • Option Greeks
  • How to use Option Greeks
  • Option Strategies, Bullish strategies
  • Bearish Strategies
  • Leverage in Derivatives
  • Open Interest
  • Margins in Derivatives

Option Strategies and Greeks

  • What are Derivatives
  • Why do we need Derivatives
  • Types of Derivatives and participants
  • Arbitrage Opportunity
  • Exchange Traded Vs OTC Derivatives
  • Derivatives in India

Topics Covered

 3+ Hrs of videos
 5 Worksheets
 1 PDF
 2 Quiz Sheets
 3 FLTs

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