5 Hollywood Movies That Teach Us Great Financial Lessons

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Learning to make and manage money is one subject that intrigues many.

That is why many filmmakers too, have used this theme to pique the interest of people to get important financial lessons in the process.

So, if you too are on a lookout for some striking financial lessons, then watching a few movies can dole out some crucial financial advice.

To help you, we have prepared a list of five such movies that offer some meaningful financial lessons.

1. The Money Pit

Be smart to save unnecessary expenses.

This 1986 movie starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long shows through the couple’s experience that how before making any big purchase, you must adequately assess that asset.

The two of them, on purchasing a house in a hurry, later realize that the house was in a severely bad condition and needed significant renovation.

Their impulsive and emotional decision leads to unnecessary expenses.

Their example will teach you the importance of due diligence in matters such as these.

After watching this flick, you will probably not take any decisions emotionally.

So, whether you’re buying an asset or investing in any fund, check every aspect related to it.

After all, there is no point in putting your money in a pit.

2.Wall Street

Grab opportunities and time by the forelock.

Considered a classic, this 1987 film influenced the attitude of an entire generation towards investing money.

Gordon Gekko, the ruthless financier in the movie, taught his protege, Bud Fox that the secret to becoming wealthy is to understand that money never sleeps.

Meaning, while you may be dozing off every night, your money keeps working.

It can either work for you, by earning you returns on an investment or against you by charging you interest on loans and debts taken.

Moreover, he also taught that ‘time is money,’ conveying the importance of grabbing every opportunity, every moment that you get, to manifold your riches.

3. Untouchables

Don’t forget to pay taxes on time.

To be successful, you also need to be disciplined.

This movie starring Robert De Niro teaches you just exactly that.

It makes you think twice about neglecting to file your income tax returns. Al Capone, the lead character in the movie, is a mob boss. The FBI, in order to end his rule, tries everything from murder charges to racketeering to put him behind bars.

But what ultimately brings him down is the simple charge of tax evasion. Al Capone is finally brought down by accountants instead of the FBI.

So, along with enjoying and multiplying your good fortunes through wealth investment, also make sure that you do not fail in filing your income tax. Such evasion, whether intentional or otherwise, can severely hurt your credit. You may have to face fines or serve prison time, which will severely bring down your finances. So don’t forget to file your taxes on time.

4. The Social Network

Learn about your business well.

This 2010 film suggests that Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook, lost much of his resources because of waging legal battles against the twin brothers who accused him of stealing their idea.

It is shown that there was no formal contract between the parties which could specify terms regarding intellectual property ownership or non-competition.

So, the film teaches the importance of taking time out to learn about the legal aspects of running your business.

Zuckerburg’s character shows how you shouldn’t mismanage financial resources early on in the game.

You should identify authentic friends and allies and save your business and finances from future risk.

To be successful, both financially and otherwise, take steps to safeguard yourself well in advance.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

“Don’t fall for the trap.”

This film, released in 2013, shows the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort — a stockbroker who could sell anything to anyone.

Belfort lured his clients into buying terrible stocks by showing them the rosy picture and taking advantage of their greed.

While his clients lost their money, he became super rich.

Through this movie, you get to see how instant gratification can make you fall in a trap, just like his clients did.

So, whenever you’re making any significant money decision, turn to trusted sources, so that you avoid making money through manipulations.

Moreover, through Jordan’s fall towards the end of the story, you’ll see how it is also essential to handle your success in a controlled manner.

If you let it go out of control, just like how Jordan did (through drug use, insane purchases, and scams), then ultimately, you’ll be doomed.

So, don’t look for fast accumulation of wealth, because it may even lead to your destruction.

Invest Smartly and Manage Wisely

Along with learning from these movies, it is also imperative that you learn some smart techniques on wealth investment.

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So, plan your wealth investments well, and reap the many benefits that lie in store.



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