• That’s ok but you can not use Rupay card outside india and even in India some atms (rare) does’nt accept rupay.
        so what u will say about that..

        • Hello Pankaj,

          Thank you for your comment.

          Rupay Card has been developed for domestic transactions i.e transactions within Indian territory only.

          Like every other product, Rupay Card too has its pros and cons.The transaction charge on Rupay Card is far lower than that of other cards .

          Also, the government is taking different steps to reduce the various cons associated with the Rupay card so that it may become an even better product.

          You can red our related blogs on banking topics here.
          Happy Reading!!

  • for online shopping,demanding debit card VISA or MASTER CARD,ARMEX,DINERSCLUB ,rupay isnot showing.how can we use it for on line shopping?

    • Hello Manjinder,

      Thank you for your comment.

      For using Rupay Card for online shopping, it has to be listed as an acceptable payment method.

      Most of the Indian e-commerce sites viz: Amazon, Flipkart allows Rupay Card as a mode of payment.

      To use Rupay card as a payment mode for online shopping you will have to first register the Rupay Card.

      For Registering the Rupay Card for the first time for online shopping:
      (1) Go to the payment screen and select the Rupay Card as payment option
      (2) Enter the details as instructed.
      (3) An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number/mail id(registered with the bank whose Rupay card you are using)
      (4) A random set of images will appear, you will have to select a particular image(please remember this image as you will require this for all subsequent transactions.
      (5) Now a phrase (upto a max of 40 characters has to be entered, remember this phrase it will be required for your further transactions)
      (6) The correct ATM PIN has to be entered by using mouse clicks only.
      (7) Once you enter the correct pin, the transaction will be successful.

  • Thanks for the information. Transactions made through rupay will benefit our government and indians thats what i came to know from friends.

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