Signals using Parabolic SAR

How to generate powerful trading signals using Parabolic SAR and RSI?

by Ankit Jaiswal on Indicators & Oscillators, Technical Analysis
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Parabolic SAR is a price and time based technical analysis tool which works very well in the trending market and also identifies potential reversal and stops.

It is plotted on the price chart which appears as a dot just above or below the candlesticks or bars.

When the price is in a bearish trend, you will notice that the Parabolic SAR dots appear above the price. On the other hand, during an uptrend, you will see the Parabolic SAR dots appear below the price.


Parabolic SAR is a good trend following indicator which strictly follows price.

SAR usually works like a trailing stop on the price chart.

In an uptrend, the SAR dots remains below the price and rises as long as the uptrend remains in place.

Reliance Capital Parabolic SAR

Once price stops going up and reverses below the SAR dots, it marks the beginning of a downtrend. Basically, in a downtrend, the SAR dots continue to remain above the price.

Some of the traders even put their stop-loss based on SAR dots.

Trading strategy using Parabolic SAR and RSI

A buy signal is generated when RSI cuts 30 level from below and the first dot of Parabolic SAR comes below the price.

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The chart below is of GVK Power and Infra and as you can see in the chart that in the first week of June when the first dot of Parabolic SAR appeared below the price and simultaneously RSI also 30  level from below, a buy signal was generated.

After the signal, the stock gave a very rapid move on the upside.

Parabolic SAR trading signal

A sell signal is generated when RSI cuts 70 level from above and the first dot of Parabolic SAR comes above the price.

To know more about the Parabolic SAR, you can watch the video below:

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The chart below shows that when the first SAR dot came above the price and simultaneously the RSI also cut 70 from above, it generated a sell signal. The stock gave a good correction after the sell signal was generated.

Trading stratgey using Parabolic SAR


The Parabolic SAR works wonderfully with the trending securities, which according to Welles Wilder occurs about 30% of the time.

Thus you will witness a lot of whipsaws when the security is a non-trending mode.

Like other indicators, the signal quality will also depend upon the characteristics of the underlying security.

Parabolic SAR should also be used in conjunction with other indicators and technical analysis techniques to generate better trading signals.

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