Secrets of Boosting Your Trading Skills through Technical Analysis Indicators

Secrets of Boosting Your Trading Skills through Technical Analysis Indicators

by Sakshi Agarwal on Indicators & Oscillators, Technical Analysis
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Anybody can study technical analysis and apply the technical analysis indicators on the charts. But do all the traders beat the earnings or gain extraordinary profits from the stock market. The answer is no. Not everybody has those trading skills. But one can develop those trading skills if he/ she maintain certain rules and disciple in his/her trading. There are some secrets about trading through technical analysis which no trader tells. Let us discuss the secrets.

 One should use At least Two Technical Analysis Indicators

 When we use technical analysis indicators on charts we should use the combination of at least 2-3 technical analysis indicators. We should not only rely on one technical analysis indicator because sometimes the indicator gives a false signal. Remember, that technical analysis indicators only confirm the movements. We could avoid the false signals given by the technical indicator by confirming the signals with the price action also other indicators.

We should select the technical analysis indicators wisely. We should choose technical analysis indicators that complement each other, instead of those that generate the same signals. For example:

We should not use Relative Strength Index and William % R together as both are leading indicators and both identify overbought and oversold regions. We can use MACD as one of the technical analysis indicators as it is a trend identifying and lagging indicator.

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 The Philosophy of identifying technical analysis indicator that says about the crowd sentiment

Technical analysis indicators have different objectives. Some technical analysis indicators tell us about the overbought and oversold zone, some technical analysis indicators tell us about the trend and some indicators tell us about the strength of the trend. There are also some technical analysis indicators which tell us about the crowd sentiment. We need to identify those indicators.

 For example, we can use the Money Flow Index (MFI) which tells us about the inflow and outflow of money from s stock when used with volume. It is an oscillator which becomes when the buying pressure increases and negative when the price decreases that is selling pressure decreases.

Why most traders use multiple time frames for confirmation

We should always use different time frames to confirm the buy or sell signal. When we are not sure that the signal generated by the technical analysis indicator is giving us the right signal we should put the same indicators in different time frames, such as 15 minutes, hourly, daily. For long-term investment, we can also check with the weekly and yearly time frame.

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 Trend is your Best Friend in Trading

One of the Warren Buffet’s principles is to trade with the trend and that actually is the correct and profitable way to trade. We should first identify the trend whether the trend is upward or downward. There are many trend identifying indicators which tell us about the trend such as moving average. It identifies whether the trend is uptrend and downtrend and according to that we can make buying and selling calls.

 In the chart below, we have taken an example of SMA 89, and according to trend we can buy and sell the stock:

technical analysis indicators sma

Stay away from people who believe “market timing doesn’t work”

Market timing is an important factor while trading, the timings of entry and exit is very important. We can make profit than the others if we enter and exit when everybody is still in the trade. We should predict the early signals given by technical analysis indicators and act accordingly.

 The Secret of using fundamental analysis is to select stocks, not to trade

Fundamental analysis is like the background check of a security for short term trade. Investors usually use fundamental analysis for long term investment but not for trading. We can see how security has performed over the years and then we can select the stock to invest or trade. But we cannot generate buying and selling signals through fundamental analysis. Buying and selling signals can only be generated through technical analysis indictors. 

Why managing your trades with military discipline succeeds

Market movements are unpredictable.  We should always give a stop loss to our trade while buying or selling the security. Sometimes the technical indicators give us a wrong signal.We should not lie about our track record. In stock market there are both ups and downs. We should manage our risk. If we examine our losses, we may find a solution to avoid losses in the future. We should also examine our gains; we may find a method to increase our gains.

The reason why you should never reverse your trading plan

As we have discussed technical indicator does not always give right signals. When we enter into trade there is no chance of reversing and controlling the trade. But we can control our emotions. When we put stop loss on our trade we are as it is reducing our losses. We should not be emotionally attached to our trade and accept the losses. We should establish our trading rules to overcome the losses we made.

Don’t trade if you are afraid of losses

When we are trading stock market losses will happen, we cannot control those losses. When we gain then we are so happy that we tell everyone about our strategies but when we make loss we keep quiet about it and we will bad from inside. We should control that emotion and establish some strategies to overcome that loss. We should never trade without a stop loss. If we cannot digest those losses we should not trade at all.

Plan every trade and never trade without a profit target

Before we jump into a trade, we should make a full research and plan the trade accordingly. We should check the support and resistance level. We should calculate the maximum losses we can make this in trade and accordingly put a stop loss. We should be ready for the consequences. We should also calculate the profit target on that particular trade

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Trading is not a game of gamble. This is the biggest mistake many traders make while trading in the stock market. It is a business with probability of income and losses. Traders trades to build up the capital for long term investment

Caution: Expert’s Advise

There are many advisors especially in India who give various forecast on which stock to buy and which to sell. Before putting their advice intro trade, we should study the reason on what grounds he is making the forecast. We should not blindly accept their advice. We should study the technical indicators and confirm the expert’s advice. Everyone interprets the same indicator in a different way.

Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future.”

Importance of Diversification

We should never trade in the same sector or security. In the stock market, not all the sectors perform same. Same one sector is performing well while the other sector is not. Therefore we should diversify our trading into different sectors. As a result, our risk will also get diversify. We may gain from one sector and suffer loss from the securities in the other sector. That way our losses will reduce.

For example, we have put all our money in the oil sector. Suddenly the prices of the oil increased which led to decrease in the prices of the securities of the oil sector and on the same day the prices of the stocks of FMCG sector reached a new high. Now we are in guilt that why did we put all our money in the oil sector.

Choose the Indicators Wisely

There are many technical analysis indicators and many combinations of these technical analysis indicators are possible. But it is impossible to analysis all these technical analysis indicators for a single trade. We should establish our own trading system and analyse those technical analysis indicators which we understand and we are comfortable with.

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Don’t Underestimate Yourself

It takes time and dedication to become expert in trading. But becoming expert in trading is not impossible. We can make extraordinary profits from the stock market and also beat the index average return. We just require discipline and dedication to beat the professionals of the stock market 

Don’t trade for Entertainment

We are not trading in the stock market for amusement; we are trading to make some money. The main purpose of trading is to make money. Trading in stock market is not a game. If you want to play a game there are many gaming applications now available on your mobile.


New trading technologies and ideas keep on developing every day. But one needs to understand which technology and technical analysis indicators he/she is comfortable with and apply accordingly. If the trader maintains discipline in his life then he has chances of making extraordinary profits.




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