Market Trends

Why do Markets Trend?

Ever since the beginning of the technical analysis, trend following has been an important method of entering and exiting trades. Also Read: A complete overview on trend and theory of retracement [more]

Types of Traders

What Type of Trader are you?

The Financial Market provides opportunities to all kinds of people all over the world. Most of us are only acquainted with the long-term investor or the short-term trader. But a [more]

nifty greece grexit

Market rejoices as Greece cheers bulls

Global Markets rejoiced today after the European Union agreed on a bailout package for Greece, but on certain applied conditions. Major global indices including DJIA (+1.21%), S&P 500 (+1.23%), FTSE [more]

Learn from scratch about Indian Stock Markets

“The Stock Market runs on Three things: Optimism, Skepticism, Criticism.” – Jak Zoudi Everyone is talking about the stock market nowadays in India. Long-term investors, short-term traders and of course [more]