Durga Puja: Snapshot of Economy this festive season!

Want to know if Durga Puja will be affected by the Economic slowdown? While we are all in the mood to celebrate this joyous festival of Durga Puja with full excitement, the Indian Economy doesn’t seem that happy neither does the stock market. Read this blog to know [more]

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Government Infra thrust to drive Real Estate

— 4 minutes read– Introduction The Indian real estate sector went through a roller coaster ride and was struggling with unsold inventory, low buyers’ confidence, delays in projects, and negative [more]

Sectoral impact due to demonetisation

Impact on Key Sectors due to Demonetisation

Sector analysis is an essential element of fundamental analysis. To learn more about the basics of fundamental analysis, join the Online NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP) course on [more]