Basic Understanding Of Candlestick Charts

Under technical analysis, candlestick charts are one of the most efficient ways to analyse the change in the prices of an asset. Hence, it is extremely important to have a basic understanding of candlestick charts to help us in quickly understanding the direction of price movement.[more]

Head and Shoulder Pattern Trading Strategy

Head and Shoulders Pattern Trading Strategy – Overview, Interpretation with Examples

Traders often study trends and patterns when analyzing the market, in hopes of detecting the next most probable price movement. Spotting and correctly identifying patterns, and understanding their significance, is vital to successful trading. The head and shoulders pattern is quite popular amongst the market participants due to its reliability in the past and of course the success ratio. Let’s understand the pattern in detail. [more]

Trading based on Support and Resistance levels

Support is an area where the prices of any types of assets tend to stop falling. Resistance is an area where the prices of any types of assets tend to stop rising. But knowing just these definitions will not help you in your trading. Traders need more information than these definitions for making trading decisions based on support and resistance. [more]