Types of Traders

What Type of Trader are you?

by Prateek Mazumder on Basic Finance, Investing Basics

The Financial Market provides opportunities to all kinds of people all over the world.

Most of us are only acquainted with the long-term investor or the short-term trader.

But a closer look into the psychology and mind set of the market participants will show that there is a wide variety of traders with different trading styles. Elearnmarkets has come up with a list of different types of traders seen in the market: –

1. The Day Trader

day trader NSE


2. The Swing Trader

swing trader NSE


3. The Technical Trader

NSE Trader


4. The Fundamental Trader

NSE Trader


5. The Long Term Trader

Type of Trader (5)




No matter what type of trader you are, it all boils down to one conclusion, you are earning consistent profits?


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  • So what do you recommend from all these? I have heard that day trading and swing trading is powerful. Scalpers have to suffer a lot, in terms of losses. Over the internet, people suggest sticking with swing and day trading. What do you experts traders recommend?

    • Hi Sophia,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Each form of trading has its unique advantages and disadvantages and each require different money management procedure. Ideally one should experiment and then finalise which one is more suitable for a particular individual.To the beginners, day trading looks more lucrative as the outcome of the trade is visible within few hours. However, day trading is inherently very short-term oriented and unless one is capable of predicting market fluctuations in those short term moves, it is difficult to make consistent money. To us, swing trading with defined risk return ratio and discipline looks easier of the all, specially for the beginners. But again this is a relative statement and there would be exceptions where individuals may find easier trading technically, fundamentally or scalp from the very beginning.

      Happy Reading!

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