Worth of NISM Certificates – Why is it so important?

by Prateek Mazumder on Equity Market

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The financial market of any country is considered to be the backbone of its economy. In any country, whether it is a developing one like India or a developed nation like the United States of America, without the capital market of that country, the economy would have a very hard time to survive. Hence, the role of the stock market and the stock exchanges of any country is enormous in its day to day activities.

Without a proper knowledge and education about the financial market, one cannot entirely focus on a career of the stock market of a country. The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), which is the educational arm of the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has taken a major step in India since 2006 to develop the level of financial education in the country.

NISM helps the market participants of India to develop their financial skills to the right level and expertise. This helps them to provide high-quality service and actions to anyone who wishes to invest in the financial markets. With the knowledge gathered through various courses and certifications conducted by NISM, they are able to help the investors to make informed decisions about how to invest their money.

You can watch the video below to get a better idea of the different NISM Examinations:

The NISM is a public trust which was established in 2006 by SEBI which is the regulatory authority for the Securities Market in India. It carries out a wide range of courses and offers certifications to market participants. Its goal is to improve the knowledge levels of anyone who wishes to participate in the Indian stock markets. The institute has six schools and educates people for the professionalism and standardization of the securities markets.

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The NISM has the following certifications in their programs which add to their educational qualifications and skill sets. The list goes as follows:

NISM exam list

The NISM certification is very valuable as a core qualification for students and professionals looking for a career in the financial markets. It is open for people from any educational background, not only to those from commerce, management or economics.

Freshers with just a graduation degree and a NISM certification can make decent careers in the financial services industry. Passing the various certifications of NISM is the prerequisite for activating and operating the securities trading terminals in India. So, if you want to build a career as a stockbroker, or as the employee of a stockbroking firm, you need to get certified by NISM compulsorily.

NISM publishes various books and articles for the market participants to enhance their skills and knowledge. Most of the examinations have a validity period of 3 years after which the candidate has to reappear in the examination. This is mandated because the world of financial markets is an ever-changing and dynamic field and the candidates have to keep updating themselves so that they are in tandem with the developments in the financial markets. 

For someone to appear in the examinations conducted by NISM, having a PAN ID is compulsory. For a step by step process of how to enrol and appear in the certification process, you can click on How to Register and Enroll for NISM Certification Examination.


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