Basics of Accounting - A Thorough Study


Accounting can be defined as the regular and  thorough recording of  fianncial transactions of a business  as well as the summarization , analysis and reporting of these transactions to the taxationa na other regulatory authorities.Accounting thuis is an important factor in determining the success or failure of any business.

This course aims to enable the students to develop a comprehensive knowledge bank on both the thereoticial as well as practical aspects of  basics of accounting.

Basics of Accounting- A thorough Study is a perfectly designed programme  for non -finance background  learners willing to develop their careers in the finance field.


This course will enable the participants to:

  • Gain Knowledge on various aspects of basics of accounting such as Accounting Cycle, Accounting process, need and importance of Accounting 
  • Know about the branches of Accounting
  • Understand  Accounting Principles,Assumptions and Concepts
  • Have a clear idea about the user of Accounting, basic Accounting terms and rules of Accounting
  • Understand the objectives and advantages of  Book-Keeping
  • Gain expertise on Journals, Ledgers , Trial balances and  preparation of fianl accounts.


This programme  has been developed in an exhaustive and comprehensive manner to enable the students to develop a strong foundation in the basics of accounting.

This course is optimal for individuals coming from non fiannce background and wanting to develop their careers in the fiannce sector.

After succesful completion of the course: the students will get a “Certificate of Completion”

Topics Covered

  • Need and Importance of Accounting
  • Basics of  Bookeeping 
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Basics of Accounting,Accountancy & Bookeeping
  • Technical Terms in Accounting
  • Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles
  • Double Entry System
  • Basic Accounting Procedures
  • Rules for Debit and Credit
  • Journalising Process
  • Ledger
  • Subsidiary Books covering Sales and Purchase Books 
  • Purchase Return and Sales Return Books
  • Cash Book
  • Bills of Exchange and related Books
  • Journal Book/Journal Proper
  • Trial Balance
  • Errors in Accounting
  • Case Studies in Rectification of Errors 


Intended Participants

  • Anyone who takes interest in learning Accountancy
  • Any Accounting / Finance / Science Student, as he/she can learn from scratch
  • Entrepreneur


  • 100 Videos
  • 8+ Hours of Content

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After successful completion of the course, the students will need to appear for an online examination , hosted on the website of

  • The student has to appear for an examination hosted on the website itself under “Test section >> Certification Test"
  • Once the student successfully clears the examination, the certificate of completition will be genrated.

Other Details:

  • Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Pattern of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions 
  • Qualifying  Marks: 40% . No negative marking  for this course.

Procedure for download of Certificate:
After successful completition of the examination , students can download soft copy of the certificate from the webiste: itslef.
To download the Certificate , follow the following steps:

  • Login to
  • Go to My-Courses Tab
  • Click on the Get Certificate Tab and download the certificate

  • Register and Sign In

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