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The preparatory course for CFA Exam is a series of short lectures which will answer a student’s queries regarding the CFA program. Many a times, it's seen that students are either not aware about the higher studies avenues available in finance field or they are confused about certain programs. CFA is considered as a Gold standard in the Investment Industry and it is a well recognized and rewarded global certification. However, it's also a difficult goal to achieve and it's exam pattern and course of study are very different than most other courses and certifications. The CFA prep course is designed to prepare participants for the CFA Exam.Our commitment is to ensure that this is one of the best CFA coaching in India.


  • Complete understanding about the CFA Charter
  • Make a decision whether or not the program is suitable for you
  • Prepare better for each level of CFA
  • Save a lot of time searching for this information from different sources



This course is a must for people looking forward to give CFA exam. The course explains the topics like what is CFA, benefits of doing CFA, structure of CFA certification program, historical pass rates etc.

Topics Covered

To complete CFA Course the students may be better positioned if they had more information about it, while such information is widely available on the Internet and even on the CFA official website, in no one place are all the answers of CFA aspirants consolidated.

I have therefore, launched this preparatory course for CFA Exam to bridge this gap. The student can get all the information they seek regarding the CFA program through this series of short videos in a very short span of time and in one place.

The course is split up in two sessions, one for those who are indecisive about the CFA course and the other for those who have decided to go ahead with it.

To help you decide whether or not to do CFA by helping them answer questions such as

  • What is CFA?
  • Why Should you do CFA?
  • Is CFA the right course for you?
  • What does it take to do CFA?
  • CFA Structure and course of Study, and
  • Historical pass rates

Once you have decided to pursue CFA then you would like to know the Structure of each level exam, Prep guidelines for Each Level, Tips for taking Each Level exam and the like.We hope that this interesting and informative series which will help finance students immensely.

Intended Participants

  • CFA aspirants


  • 9 Videos
  • 55 mins(approx)

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