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About Course

  • Listed In : Technical Analysis
  • Language : English
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Validity : 1 Years
  • Program : Self-Paced Recorded
  • Instructor : Harsh Dixit

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Course Highlights

  • 11 videos
  • 4+ hours of content.
  • Downloadable study materials.


In the 1930s, R. N. Elliott discovered that Stock Market prices trend and reverse in recognizable patterns. These patterns repeat over the years. Elliott isolated five such patterns or waves. The waves link together to form larger versions of themselves, from small time frames to large time frames and it goes on over the years. This phenomenon is called The Wave Principle.


In this course, we intend to learn The Wave Principle. A comprehensive guide on Elliott Waves from Basic To Advance. How Elliott wave theory applies to different asset classes like Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies and how to Trade them.


Along with this course, you are being provided a complimentary EBook  “Elliott Wave Principle - Key to Market Behavior” written by Rober Prechter. Complimentary Access free for a lifetime.

About the Trainer

Harsh Dixit

Harsh Dixit

12 years of practical experience in Trading & Investing in Financial Markets. Expertise in Traditional Technical Analysis and Advance techniques like Elliott Waves. Trainer in Technical Analysis & Elliott Waves.
Popular content creator on Twitter. Runs Trading Blog & Youtube channel TRENDONOMICS.


  • Understanding Basics  - Motive Waves and Corrective Waves.
  • 5 Key Elliott Wave Patterns Impulse, Diagonal, Zigzag, Flat, Triangle.
  • Learn How the Wave Principle can Improve your Trading.
  • Identify Elliott Wave Trade Set-Up and Spot High Probability Trading Opportunities.
  • How To Trade Opportunities in various Asset Classes like Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Cryptos based on Elliott Wave Patterns?
  • Learn to Identify Major Turning Points In Markets and Ride Massive Waves.


  • Participants will be able to Identify Market Cycles and Trends.
  • Participants will be able to trade opportunities on both sides of Trend as Elliott waves identify the trend and counter-trend moves.
  • Ability to identify false breakouts or wrong interpretations of trends because of the rules and guidelines.
  • Participants will gain Confidence to Scale Up Positions & Ride Big Trends with Momentum & Beat Crowd.

Topics Covered

1) Introduction to Elliott Waves - 


  • Basic Pattern
  • 8 Wave Cycle
  • Degrees of Waves


2) Motive Waves -



  • Extension
  • Truncation



  • Ending Diagonal
  • Leading Diagonal


3) Corrective Waves


  • Zigzag  
  • Flat  
  • Triangle  
  • Combination


4) Rules & Guidelines


  • Rules of Motive Waves
  • Guidelines
  • Wave Personality - Characteristics of each wave 


5) Fibonacci Relationship within Waves


  • Retracements
  • Extensions


  Supporting Tools of Analysis (How to Use)

  • Moving Averages
  • Relative Strength Index


6) Things to know before you begin trading with the wave principle


  • Why do people find it difficult to trade Elliott Waves?
  • Key components of trading strategy
  • How the Wave Principle Improves Trading?


7) Elliott wave Trade setups


7.1. Elliott wave entry points & protective stops based on

  •  Impulse wave
  • Ending Diagonal


7.2. Elliott wave entry points & protective stops based on

  • Zigzag
  • Flat
  • Triangle


7.3. Trade Target for

  • Wave 3, Wave 5
  • Wave A, Wave C


8) Putting the Wave Principle to work


      Examples on Charts for Trading Based on Elliott Waves


       8.1. Trade Set Up Based on 

  • Ending Diagonal
  • Zigzag
  • Wave B
  • Wave 2


       8.2. Trade Set Up Based on 

  • Combination
  • Triangle
  • Complex Correction - Identifying False Breakouts and trading alternate waves.


9) Practical Guide To Successful Trading


9.1. Why do most Traders Fail?


9.2. Money Management

  • Risk Reward
  • Risk as % of Capital
  • Importance of risk management


9.3. Trading Psychology

  • Managing Emotions
  • How to become a better trader?
  • Does and don’ts for traders


9.4. How to write Trading Journal?

Intended Participants

  • Individuals with basic knowledge of  Technical Analysis
  • Traders as well as Investors aspiring to be Consistently Profitable
  • Individuals looking to get an Edge over Trading/Investing and be Pioneers in Identifying & Riding Massive Trends


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