Macroeconomic Data Analysis of Commodity Markets

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Online Macroeconomic Data Analysis of Commodity Markets course is a must for anyone who wishes to see himself or herself as a professional commodities trader. Unlike other markets, commodities market is one where Macroeconomic Indicators (MEIs) play a vital role. Thus it is essential to have a clear grasp and understanding of the MEIs and the role they play in commodity markets. This programme lays emphasis on these aspects and provides a perfect platform for any student in the commodity market.



This program will equip the students with:

  • Simplifying the concept of Macroeconomic Indicators (MEIs)
  • Understanding the impact of Macroeconomic Indicators on the commodity markets
  • Understanding the scope of MEIs in programmed trading 



  • This course will help the students to understand the different classes and their brief description of Macroeconomic Indicators
  • It will enable the students to distinguish between the different sectors of the economy which shall give the students clear idea about the impact of Macroeconomic Indicators on the commodity markets and commodity prices
  • It enables the students to get a clear understanding of the impact on MEIs on commodity fundamentals and an insight into the scope of programmed trading by using MEIs.


Topics Covered

The course provides an in-depth analysis of the following topics:

  • Classes of Macro-Economic Indicators (MEI) - Price, Output, Activity, Employment etc
  • Purposes of each class of MEI
  • Global and Indian MEIs
  • MEIs and their release schedule
  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Sectors of the Economy
  • Primary Sector and the Role of commodities in the economy
  • MEIs and their role in policy making and regulation of financial markets
  • MEIs of direct relevance to financial markets – besides those specific to commodity markets
  • Direct and indirect relationship between MEIs and commodity prices
  • MEIs and their immediate or lagged relationship with broad commodity market index – Historical perspective
  • MEIs and commodity market indices (Broad market and Sectoral Indices)
  • MEIs and Impact on Commodity Fundamentals
  • Instances of important MEI impacts on Global and Indian Commodity Markets
  • MEIs and the scope for programmed trading

Intended Participants

Online Macroeconomic Data Analysis of Commodity Markets is useful for individuals who want to be professional traders in the commodity markets. It provides theoretical knowledge and practical applications of MEIs and their role in the commodity market. Students wanting to build their career in the commodity markets small investors and financial service professionals can also benefit from this course.



  • 12 Videos
  • 2+ hours of content
  • Chapter-wise Tests
  • Full Length Test

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