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Technical Analysis
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Live Interactive Program
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Nooresh Merani

An extremely small proportion of the active market members veritably and persistently generate returns from financial markets.This perfectly designed session on technical analysis will enable the participants to gain an understanding of the practical application of the various concepts of technical analysis, and trading strategies in the financial markets in order to generate consistent returns.

Faculty Profile

Mr. Nooresh Merani is an IT Engineer for Mumbai University by qualification and now a blogger /advisor/educator/trader by profession. He is also a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. Mr Merani is a blogger for last 10-12 years - with Technical Views on Indian Equity Markets, Global Indices, Commodities and more. He has trained more than 2000 participants on Technical Analysis over the last 10 years with training sections across Indian metros and even other cities like Indore, Surat, Ahmedabad, Pune. 

Mr. N S Fidai is the founder of Analyse India. He envisioned technical analysis as a medium to empower traders and investors with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. His passion to share his knowledge with keen learners led to Analyse India to foray into the field of education. An ex–Banker with 13 years of experience in the Banking sector, Mr Fidai has an illustrious track record of 25 years plus in the Indian Equity markets, having started off in 1991. In the last 6 years, Mr Fidai has honed his skills in the art of Technical Analysis and emerged a successful Technical Analyst par excellence. 


  • Understand the theoretical concepts of technical analysis
  • Learn about various technical charts, patterns and indicators
  • Know about the practical application of various technical charts and patterns in identifying different financial market phenomenons 
  • Know about the various free online technical analysis softwares and websites 


  • Participants will get a chance to interact with Nooresh Merani & N S Fidai, Technical Analysis Expert
  • This session will provide detailed knowledge on the practical applications of various technical analysis patterns in a concise manner.
  • Participants will get to identify major financial market phenomenon with the help of technical indicators
  • They will also gain knowledge of various free technical analysis software and websites.

Topics Covered

  • Technical analysis as a for long term tool
  • Technical Charts
  • Candlestick pattern, candlesticks, bars, line charts to find Tops and Bottoms in Nifty
  • Moving averages work
  • The Price/Volume Pattern 
  • Technical Indicators you must know out of the thousands.
  • The best technical indicator setup which always works on Nifty but comes 2-6 times a year.
  • What is Risk-Reward?
  • Case studies of various charts and patterns from past
  • Technical is not just about trading


  • 17.12.2017 - Part 1 : At length discussion of topics covered for 7 hours 
  • 23.12.2017 - Part 2: Practicals insights on Technicals is not just about trading for 4 hours followed by the Question & Answer session.
  • Robust discussion on charts, patterns, softwares, important websites


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