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About Course

  • Listed In : Derivatives
  • Language : English
  • Difficulty : Basic
  • Validity : 1 Years
  • Program : Self-Paced Recorded
  • Instructor : Premangshu Chanda

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Course Highlights

  • 18 videos
  • 3+ hrs of content



This course is a fantastic learning program that is designed with utmost sincerity and thorough modeling for developing a beginner who knows nothing about Trading in Stock market to a Pro-trader who can make Trading as their primary source of income.

In this course, i will teach you the very A-B-C of the Derivatives market and gradually take you to the trading strategies to generate income. At the end of the program, you will have sufficient knowledge about Options & Futures trading,some indicators. You will learn trading strategies forIntraday futures trading in Nifty and Banknifty futures which can also be used for Swing and BTST trading and also applicable to stock futures that I use myself for trading where i will teach you the strategies and show you how to trade with them on real charts and show you how much profitable can the strategy be and how to reap maximum benefits out of it with perfect entry and exits. You will also learn one of the best strategies for buying options and a strategy for selling Options to generate monthly income. I will also show how to manage trades and do the adjustments whenever needed, and the logic behind it from three months of trading data in Nifty Options.

You will be able to trade by yourself. You will also be able to modify the system and change some aspects of it as you will have sufficient knowledge about the trading and the market.

This is the only course you may have to take to start a career on Trading in the derivatives market!

About the Trainer

Premangshu Chanda

Premangshu Chanda


The objective of the course is to bring the world of Technical analysis with utmost simplicity for beginners and retail traders who seem to need it the most, especially for risky segments as Futures and Options. The statistics says that more than 90% of the traders loose money in the stock market. My goal is to decrease the loosing retail trader's number and give them my hard-learned knowledge to make them profitable. I have learnt trading the hard way and the main objective is to smoothen their path who seeks knowledge from me.


You will be able to

1. Make yourself a profitable trader.

2. Make consistent profits month on month.

3. Make a career out of trading in derivatives market.

4. Be a master of the strategy for analyzing stocks all by yourself.

5. Learn the market and how profitable trading is done.

6. Be able to develop own system of trading and modify the learned ones as per need.

7. Be a confident technical analyst and trader.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Derivatives Market

  • Introduction to Derivatives - Futures
  • Introduction to Derivatives - Options
  • Option Chain Analysis


  • Basics of Indicators
  • RSI
  • DMI
  • VIX


  • Options Buying Strategy - using RSI
  • Options Selling Strategy - using DMI (ADX)
  • Futures Trading Strategy - Neckline-Star Stragey


  • Five Candles Setup
  • Do's & Dont's

Intended Participants

This course is for

  • Anyone who want to learn futures and options trading and the market
  • Anyone interested in making consistent money from trading in stock market
  • Anyone who wants to be a profitable trader
  • Anyone who wants to make trading as their full time profession by trading in Futures & Options


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