Price Action Trading Techniques Program - Learn to Trade with Small Stop Loss and Big Targets


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Sudeep Tiwari

Investment and trading in stock and commodity market is neither a game nor a speculation. It is purely a business based on amazing combination of art and science. Trading in stock, commodity and currency market requires a proper analytical skill, discipline and money management. 90 % of stock, commodity and currency traders are losing money in their learning phase, because they don’t know the timing of entry and exit with proper stop loss and targets. This course will cover simple but profitable price action trading techniques for intraday, short term and long term trading. In this program we will focus on low risk and high reward trading techniques.


This Program is designed to make you a successful Intraday, short term and long term trader. After the completion of this program you will be able to trade successfully and profitably in all financial instruments i.e. stock, commodity and currency market. We will also discuss a proper trading discipline and money management rules require getting success in financial market.


Students attending this program will be able to ask their questions any time during live interactive program. They will also be eligible to get life time doubt clearing support from your trainer Sudeep Tiwari.

Topics Covered

Basics of Technical Analysis

  1. Technical analysis definition and its importance in analysing the markets
  2.  Trading discipline and money management techniques.
  3. Types of charts – On basis of structure and time
  4. Types of trend and trend identification
  5. Candlestick patterns
  6. Identification of Support and resistance
  7. Importance of gaps and how use gaps to take position?
  8. Classical chart patterns
  9. Fibonacci retracement and extension
  10. Indicators and oscillators    
  11. Trading Setups Based on Price Action

In this session we will teach you proper trading setups with the combination of different technical analysis tools, discussed in our basic part of technical analysis. This part of training program will cover following topics:

1.    Low risk and high reward “Buy on Low and Sell on High” trading setups  for

  •  Intraday
  • Short Term Positional Trading
  • Long Term Investment

2.    Low risk and high reward “Buy on High and Sell on Low” trading setups  for

  • Intraday
  • Short Term Positional Trading
  • Long Term Investment


3.    How to use trailing stop loss to maximise the profits?

Intended Participants

  • Stock, Commodity and Currency Market traders
  • Analysts
  • Brokers
  • Trainers
  • Fund managers
  • House wives, unemployed persons and students


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