Intra-Day Directional & Non Directional Index Option Trades

Speaker: Dinesh Nagpal


2999 3999 *inclusive of taxes

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Language : English, Difficulty Level : Easy to Moderate, Prerequisites : Basic Level understanding of Options and Ichimoku

Day 1

16th July 2022
3pm to 6pm IST

Day 2

18th July 2022
9am to 11:30 am | 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Day 3

19th July 2022
9am to 11:30 am | 1:30 to 3:30 pm

About The Speaker

A full-time trader in derivatives since 2006 and an investor for medium to long term periods for over three decades. I teach courses on the Japanese study of Ichimoku Mutli Time-Frame Technical Analysis and Fibonacci derived Harmonic Trading Patterns and I also mentor traders & investors, with an emphasis on Trading Psychology and Risk Management.


Many Japanese trading rooms use Ichimoku because it offers multiple tests on the price action, creating higher probability trades. The Ichimoku cloud indicator looks complex when we first apply it to our technical charts as it has too many components. But when you understand its components and how to use this indicator then Ichimoku cloud is very helpful to identify resistance, supports, and trends.

The Ichimoku Cloud indicator is a technical indicator that tells you everything about the price trends like momentum, direction, volatility, support, resistance, and potential reversals. So this indicator can be termed as an “All in one” indicator.

The Ichimoku chart indicator is intimidating at first due to the abundance of lines drawn when the chart is applied, but once broken down; every trader will find the application helpful. The chart meshes three indicators into one and offers a filtered approach to the price action for the currency trader. Using Ichimoku is a thorough study of trend and momentum with a combination of Option data, to trade index options directionally(long-short) and non-directionally (only short).

Objective of the webinar

  • The participants will learn to identify defined low-risk trade entries.
  • This webinar will also help them in the early identification of trends and momentum and make better trading decisions.

What You will Learn

  • Identifying the daily range of support/resistance.
  • Identifying the direction of the trend.
  • Risk and money management.
  • How to use Ichimoku Indicator to analyse the direction of the trends
  • How to identify Harmonic Trading Patterns on Technical Charts



2999 3999 *inclusive of taxes

No recording of the session will be sold.