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Awaken Your Trading Journey

Trading Mentorship Program

Transform into a Multi-Asset Trader and Rule the Trading Jungle


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Trading is a Jungle, and You Are the Lion!

Trading in the financial markets is like navigating through a jungle. It’s unpredictable, challenging, and full of opportunities. A successful trader, like a LION, knows when and where to seize the best opportunities.

My Trading Mentorship Program (TMP) is designed to transform you into the lion of this jungle, making you adept at multi-asset trading and enabling you to rule the market with confidence and skill.

-Vivek Bajaj

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Watch your Trading skills awaken with Multi-Asset Training from Real Traders

Markets are dynamic and constantly evolving, continuous learning is essential. With constant support from our mentors, you will stay ahead, adapting to new trends and strategies, ensuring your growth and success in the trading jungle.

Awaken the Right Knowledge Awaken

  • Engage in live learning classes with our expert mentors
  • Gain practical and experienced knowledge
  • Understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of trading

Put Your Knowledge into Practice Empower

  • Participate in live trading and mentoring sessions
  • Apply learned concepts with the help of mentors
  • Build confidence through hands-on experience
  • Receive multiple stock ideas based on learned trading setups
  • Ask your queries 1-on-1 with our mentors and their associates during markets

Continue to rule the trading jungle Victory

  • Engage in ongoing mentorship with live trading sessions
  • Stay updated with new stock ideas and market trends
  • Ask queries and receive guidance from mentors and associates
  • Connect with peer traders for knowledge exchange through the community
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Your journey for the next 6 months

Over the next 6 months, you'll dive deep into various trading concepts, develop practical skills, and gain confidence in your trading abilities.

Week 1 - Week 6 Understanding Technical Analysis

Mentor: Souradeep Dey

Understand Trendline, Support & Resistance, how to use StockEdge, Trading View & Order Placement (Live Market), Classical Chart Patterns, Candlesticks, Technical Indicators, Fibonacci Theory, Golden Swing Strategy, Gap Theory and Risk & Money Management.

Week 7 Defining RS Theory

Mentor: Vivek Bajaj

Trading strategy using "Relative Price Theory" and Chart Patterns Strategy using Relative Strength

Week 8 - Week 12 Options Strategies

Mentor: Chetan Panchamia

Deep dive into Technical Analysis, Introduction to Derivatives, Valuation of call & put option, Option Greeks, 7 profitable Option strategies and Options Repairs and Adjustment, Max Pain Theory and Trading Rules

Week 13 - Week 16 Mastering Currency & Commodity Trading

Mentor: Saanando Das

One Good Trade, How to create a Trading Plan, Concept of Inter-Market Analysis, Forex Trading, Commodity Trading Strategies, Commodity Fundamentals (Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Zinc, Copper & Aluminium), Asset allocation using allocators’ edge strategy and multi-asset portfolio creation.

Week 17 - Week 25 Understanding Trading Strategies

Mentor: Abhijit Paul

Trading Strategies and time Frames, Ingredients of our Trading Setups, Relative Strength Index Demystified, Trading Masterclass, Breakout Strategy, Contrarian Strategy, and PullBack Strategy


One-on-one interaction with the mentors and wrapping the program by sharing each other’s learnings.

Access to StockEdge Platform

Get access to the StockEdge Pro Plan, where you get market insights and analysis to identify investing or trading opportunities in the market.

Experience the difference in your trading skills

After 6 months, you will be able to experience the difference in your knowledge and skills. You will be making informed trading decisions while effectively managing risk and maximizing profits.

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After 6 months
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Who can join this program?

Trading is no longer exclusive to a select few. Our program is designed to help individuals from various professions and age groups discover their potential in the world of multi-asset trading. We firmly believe that anyone can learn and succeed in trading, regardless of their background or experience.

Meet your Mentors

Program Curator

Vivek Bajaj

Experience: 19+ years

Vivek Bajaj co-founded Kredent Infoedge, an enterprise involved in simplifying finance for everyone. He has over 18 years of experience in the financial market. He is a chartered accountant and company secretary and has an MBA from IIM Indore. He began his career as an analyst and created one of the largest derivatives trading desks in eastern India with over 150 traders and one of Mumbai's top algo trading desks. He is passionate about data, technology, and education. For the last eight years, he has empowered people with the proper learning and analytics in finance through his online ventures and StockEdge.

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Knowledge Mentor

His focus lies in the Relative Strength Theory and RS Theory Masterclass. He will help you understand this powerful concept and its practical applications.

Vivek Bajaj - Trading Mentorhip Program

Souradeep Dey

14+ years experience

He has rich experience of 12 years as an equity and commodity trader and trainer. He has worked as a crude oil trader for 3 years for FuturesFirst, trading in the ICE exchange, Europe. Technical analysis is his area of interest and he is involved in developing trading algorithms.

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Technical Mentor

He will cover a wide range of topics, including Technical Analysis, Chart Patterns, Technical Indicators, and Advanced Analysis Techniques. Souradeep will equip you with the skills to make informed trading decisions.

Souradeep Dey - Trading Mentorhip Program

Abhijit Paul

19+ years experience

Abhijit has over 18 years of experience in the Indian financial markets, serving as Technical Research Head, PMS Fund Manager, and an active trainer in the field of Technical Analysis and Trading. He had held key positions at ICICI Securities and BRICS Securities. As a technical analysis trainer, he visits various business schools and institutions such as IIMC, NSE Academy, NIBM Pune, BIBS Kolkata, India Infoline, and, of course, elearnmarkets. He was also a regular face on many business channels such as CNBC, Zee Business, Bloomberg, CNBC Awaaz, and Moneycontrol. He holds an MBA in Finance from Mumbai and a B.Sc in Economics from the University of Calcutta.

Watch his journey youtube icon

Trading Mentor

Abhijit specializes in Trading Strategies and Time Frames. He will guide you through the Ingredients of our Trading Setups, Relative Strength Index Demystified, Breakout Strategy, Contrarian Strategy, and PullBack Strategy.

 Abhijit Paul - Trading Mentorhip Program

Chetan Panchamia

25+ years experience

Chetan has the experience of being 20 years in the markets starting from front office to fundamentals research before moving to the technical side and specializing in options trading and is presently a full-time Professional trader focusing on index options.

Watch his journey youtube icon

Options Mentor

He will cover a wide range of topics, including Option Greeks, Strategies, Repairs, and Adjustments. Chetan will ensure you have a solid foundation and the right strategies to make profitable options trades.

Chetan Panchamia - Trading Mentorhip Program

Saanando Das

13+ years experience

Saanando Das is an experienced Global Markets Analyst, Fund Management Professional & writer with hands-on experience in various market segments, namely Non-ferrous metals in LME/MCX/SHFE, Energy in Comex/Nymex/ICE, Precious metals in Comex/SHFE/MCX, Equity Index (i.e. S&P, Dow, Dax), FX in CME & OTC markets, Bonds(i.e. Treasury, Shatz, Bobl).

Watch his journey youtube icon

Forex and Commodity Mentor

Sanaando specializes in Forex and commodity trading. He will guide you through commodity and currency fundamentals, multi-asset portfolio creation, inter-market analysis, and asset allocation using the allocator's edge strategy. He will also discuss his double cloud setup and MTF setup for profitable trading.

Sanando Dey - Trading Mentorhip Program
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Unparalleled Support from Our Associates

We have a team of associates dedicated ONLY for providing you with exceptional support throughout your journey.

Instant Query Resolution & Expert Assistance: From solving all your queries to answering any questions related to the markets, trading, and investments, we are there with you through thick and thin.


Ready to take your trading skills to the next level? Become a part of our elite community of traders today.

Trading Mentorship Program

New batch starting soon!
Duration: 6 months

99,999+ GST

*EMI option also available

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What's Included?

  • 14+ hours on-demand content
  • 85+ hours of Live Interactive Sessions
  • 100+ hours of Live Trading Sessions
  • 30-minute Counseling Session
  • 6 months Community Support

Also get:

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Transformative Experiences:
Hear from Our Traders

Gunjan Soumitra Lahiri

Five yello star

“ This ELM course was well thought out and executed. My fondness for Options grew multifold after the course, and I have successfully applied my knowledge in the market. I want to thank Chetan Sir for explaining every topic so beautifully. I would also like to sincerely thank Sneha Ma’am for clearing up my concerns. “

Susanta Kumar Sahoo

Five yello star

“ TMP programme is a very structured programme. Where One can learn from great experienced teachers. Understand the market Dynamics from A - Z along with Mindset Setup.. If one can Follow the programme with full honesty she/he will be a successful trader in future.. Its learn & earn programme & one can easily take out the Course fee by just a Month of trading or during Live classes too. thanks for the Programme , keep doing & keep growing. “

Sundeep Singh

Five yello star

“TMP! An excellent course, very well designed. The content of the course is absolutely amazing. All the mentors are very knowledgeble, approachable and unique in their style.The learnings, concepts & stratgies shared by the mentors are priceless in trading world.I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to build a career in trading.It is very inclusive and in depth programme. Special Thanks to Agnish! who is always ready to help 24/7 || ensures everything runs smoothly & resolves the queries/issues in no time if their are any.“

Sandeep Karambelkar

Five yello star

“Full Paisa Vasool course. Got much more than expected for. The best thing is, your doubts are solved immediately, irrespective of the time of the day.“

Sanjay Banerjee

Five yello star

“This is one of the best value for money programs to go for if you want to learn and experience different aspects and perspectives of stock market. The mentors are ready to leave no doubts in our minds and their shared content is priceless.“

Bhuvanesh Goplani

Five yello star

“Contains everything one needs to become a professional trader. Only practice and revision is needed from oneself. The part I liked the most is Global Markets by Saanando Sir. That's just exceptional. Very heavy to understand for newbie but once understood makes a killing. One suggestion to technical team - if we can add timestamps in video recording that would be helpful for revision. Special thanks to Agnish for co ordinating all the course and helping out very promptly in everything I needed. Thank you 😊“

Soumik Banerjee

Five yello star

“I am from TMP 22 Batch. I never thought that the program content and methodology would be so good to keep me glued and give me confidence that I can be a successful trader. I keep reading the analysis and information from Stockedge as much as possible. My best regards to all the mentors, Special thanks to Agnish who motivated me to take up the course.“

Raj Sharma

Five yello star

“one of the excellent training i have ever seen. Exceptional training by my Mentors Vivek Sir, Chetan Sir, Souradeep Sir, and Saanando Sir. My course coorinator Agnish sir is alwas ready to support. Despite my offie commitments and slower learning pace, this team accommodated my schedule with repeat training and recordings.Thank you, Team Elearnmarket for your dedication and mentorship ..keep it up“


Five yello star

“When I got into trading or stock market before TMP , I was at 0 but now I can clearly say Iam now at somewhere 70-80 . Still I was not in some classes because of my schedule but also by watching recordings I got everything and mentors are always there to help. STILL a long way to go But TMP IS Best for serious trader🥰“

New batch starting soon!

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