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6 शुरुवाती कदम शेयर बाजार में

In this video of the Marketshala Series, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of Elearnmarkets, StockEdge and Kredent Money, answers an important question that many beginners might be asking - How to start our journey in the stock market?

Through these videos, Mr. Bajaj will focus on answering some challenging questions that most of us might face in our trading and investing journey. 

Mr. Bajaj breaks down this process of beginning our investment journey into six clear and simple steps, and the logic behind each step and how each step contributes to our investment journey.

We will move the discussion towards how the ELM app with paid and free resources can help learners build a strong knowledge base.

Next, we will move to the importance of identifying our objectives of undertaking an investment journey, and the importance of identifying our investment styles as well.

We will also discuss the various features of the newly launched StockEdge Web and how it aids our learning process as investors.

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