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Face2Face - Part 2: Best Options Trading guide by Market Star PR Sundar

In continuation of Part I of the Face2Face series "Part I of the video Trading for Living by Market star PR Sundar", co-Founder of Elearnmarkets & StockEdge Vivek Bajaj and PR Sundar (, this video will provide you with additional information and knowledge on the topic.

Mr. Sundar talks about how to trade with small amounts of capital and collateral. We also discuss the choice of trading as a primary career if one has lesser capital. We will also cover the pros and cons of and the requirements for being a buyer or a seller in the options market.

Mr. Sundar also discusses the psychology that runs behind the processes of the options buyers and sellers, and the role of the media in spreading misconceptions about the options market, and how taking proper precautions can reduce the risks involved while trading in options.

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