Life Insurance Premium- Terms you must Know!

When we talk about Life Insurance, we search for cheap term life insurance plans and policies. In the midst of different Insurance Plans like - Term Insurance, Unit-linked insurance plan, Endowment Plan, Whole Life Insurance and many others we often get confused. 

Let us help you #SimplifyFinance with Insurance Plans with the best terms, plans, and policies which will be affordable for you all.

In this video, we talk about Buying life insurance is now just a matter of a few clicks. However, understanding the life insurance quotes from various insurers for similar looking plans could be tricky. There are various factors that affect the premium quoted by the insurer.

Ranging from the plan types to personal habits, given below are some of the major factors determining your life insurance quotes from different insurers. Various factors affect the #lifeinsurance premium for instance type, age, lifestyle, medical history, family history etc. A cover of at least 10 times the annual income must be taken by an individual. This would help in providing for the family in case of an untoward incident on the life of the insured.

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