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Profitable Investing Strategies using Quants by Kumar Saurabh

Mr. Vivek Bajaj engages in a conversation with Mr. Kumar Saurabh, in this video, to discuss the powers of data analysis and quants in the stock market for profitable trading or investing.

While there are many techniques in the market to analyse data, most of them require quantitative ability, and in this video, with Mr. Saurabh, Mr. Bajaj brings out the importance of having a good understanding of numbers to get success in the stock market.

Mr. Saurabh is a full-time employee, as a data scientist, and he has almost 12 years of experience of dealing with financial data and the stock markets.

He will talk about how he established himself in the stock market with the combined knowledge of data analytics and finance.

Mr. Saurabh will then start his discussion by talking about the basics of the various types of data that an investor or a trader can come across, which is worth analysing.

We will discuss the basics of financial, non-financial, trading and annual report data. We will then talk about how stock market participants can acquire all this data, whether free or for a cost.

Also, Mr. Saurabh will require the type of basic skills that we can use to scrape financial data from multiple sites, and stock screeners.

We will also be talking about the important concepts of wealth creation and wealth destruction and how these come into play when we aim to analyse data to make profitable trades and investments.

While such data is usually analysed with programming languages like python, it is a long tough process to learn. Therefore, Mr. Saurabh will talk about some easy tools of business intelligence (BI) and data analytics to analyse funds in an easier way.

Next, in his first case study, Mr. Saurabh will discuss the usage of Power BI ( to carry out our own valuation with data visualization tools.

Next, Mr. Saurabh brings us to the topic of whether mutual funds are right for us or not. He will do this by bringing out a data analysis of index funds and cap funds.

With his case study, Mr. Saurabh will show how he has filtered out the best mutual fund by selecting screening parameters and analysing historical data from the past years.

Throughout this whole video, we will learn the extensive process behind the making of data driven financial decisions that traders like Mr. Saurabh use to get an edge over the stock market with data analytics.

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