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Understanding the Impact of Crude Oil Prices on Stock Market

In this video, we will discuss how the prices of crude oil affect our economy and the reasoning behind these effects.

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Whenever we talk about the stock market opening gap-down or gap-up, usually two reasons are provided behind it - the impact of the global markets, or the change in the prices of crude oil. Here, we will talk about the effects of the change in the prices of crude oil on the stock markets. We will also discuss which sectors of the economy get impacted specifically.

This video will also be highlighting the factors which can affect the global crude oil price movement and will show how essential this product is for some of our country's major industries, thus magnifying the effects of the changes of prices in the crude oil to our economy.

We will also talk about how investors can keep watch on the companies impacted by the change in prices of crude oil through the "Ready Watchlists" feature of the Premium Tab of StockEdge.


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