Why are Financial Brokers going out of Business? - A reality check by Vivek Bajaj!

This video will be an eye-opener for all the #financialplanners and #financialbrokers on understanding as to what difference will Technology and Knowledge make in the years to come. This video on, Why are Financial Brokers going out of Business? - A reality check by Vivek Bajaj ! will be an introduction to the #financialplanning roadmap ahead.

Before a #financialadviser sells a product, he must also know the features of that product. So if he sells a mutual fund, he must know where does the mutual fund invest in. Because if a client wants to know what is the basis of a mutual fund, an adviser is surely answerable to him. This generation and the ones to come want knowledge-based investments. And this where being user-friendly comes in.

In the hyper-competitive environment, where companies were fighting to create an asset base for there organization, there are top 6 large cap companies with no asset base but a huge customer base. Believe it or not, we have already moved to the next level of the service industry where fingertips will decide the fate of your business. 

Keeping all this in mind and acknowledging what our customers want, we at #Elearnmarkets #StockEdge have taken the responsibility of embracing "Knowledge and Technology." 

In the era of digitalization, technology has taken over to a great extent and so have we taken this initiative of #financialliteracy to train people, to make them self responsible and capable of making a difference in the financial market world. 

Let us take a while and understand what our future holds in the financial market industry through this video

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