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Trade Better with Candlesticks
Piyush Chaudhry (.)
Sat 22-12-2018 15:00
Price 500/-

The psychology behind candlestick patterns (Reversal and Continuation Patterns) and how should one approach them. Candlestick charts are the mos...

Trading is only about making Money
Prakash Gaba (CFTe)
Sat 05-01-2019 15:00

Trading has two important aspects. The first is a successful strategy and its proper execution.  The second and equally important one is th...

Mathematical Mistakes in Options Trading
Shubham Agarwal (CMT, CFA, CQF, CFTe)
Sat 09-02-2019 15:00

Traders & Professionals often make losses trading Options & a major contributor to this is lack of mathematical knowledge behind the ins...

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