Entry and Exit Techniques using Simple Technical Analysis

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Using too many tools of Technical Analysis can be counterproductive since it tends to confuse the analysis. This “too many approach” leads to either late entry or earlier exit. This course has been designed keeping in mind that “Simple is beautiful”. It has also kept in mind that early learning experience has always proved to be effective. Veterans might find it apparently way too simple but the combination of Technical use in this course can be way rewarding for many.

Course Structure

  • Understanding pattern
  • What is meant by Trend and Trending
  • When Trend is not the Best Friend
  • Difference between Short, Medium and long term trend
  • Trading opportunities arising of Trend analysis
  • Trailing stops while tends is in the formative stage
  • Bull Trend and Bear Trend
  • Trend line resistance and support
  • Break out and Break down of trends
  • Trend compares to peer trends
  • False trends


  • Tops and Bottoms
  • Accumulation and Distribution
  • Long base and Saucer formation
  • Spikes
  • Reversals

Use of Moving Averages

  • Enter late but be sure of that
  • Exit late but be sure of that
  • Using dual Moving Averages
  • Using Moving Average for medium term trader and short term trader
  • Using Moving Average for naked Future and hedge positions
  • Using Moving Average to enter Options
  • Using Moving Average to understand Time is UP
  • Understanding the angle of Moving average
  • Combine Moving averages with pattern

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Freshers who want to learn and earn better
  • Veterans can also take this course for a better understanding of the concepts

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