Fixed Income Portfolio Management for CFA Level- III

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This course is based on the curriculum of the CFA L3 exam subject - Fixed Income Portfolio Management.

Spread over 18 videos and about 5 hours, the course will give students a fair understanding of this subject and help clarify difficult concepts. All the readings and LOSs of Study Session 9 of CFA L3 are explained in these videos


Taking this course will help the viewers to:

  • Complete Fixed Income preparation for CFA L3 in around 5 hours
  • Gain confidence in a tough topic like Fixed Income listening to content designed specifically for test preparation

This course is also very suitable for those working professionals who are enrolled for CFA L3 but have very less time to study.

Topics Covered

This course includes the elements of the investment management process, such as the consideration of risk, return, and investment constraints, are the same for a fixed-income portfolio as for any other type of portfolio. As part of the process, an appropriate benchmark is selected to serve as a reference for portfolio construction and performance evaluation. For investors taking an asset-only approach, the benchmark is typically a bond market index. For investors with a liability-based approach, performance is measured in terms of the portfolio its ability to meet a set of investor-specific liabilities. 

The first reading addresses these primary elements of managing fixed-income portfolios and introduces specific portfolio management strategies. 

The second reading discusses additional relative-value methodologies taking this will help the students complete the perpetration for Fixed Income portfolio management in less than 5 hours, which would otherwise by self study take 20-25 hours!

Topics Covered

5  Hr.s of videos (approx.)

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