Sumit Agarwal B.Tech (IT), MBA (Finance), CFA Level III candidate

Sumit Agarwal has a work experience of more than two and a half years in debt capital markets and is currently working as an Investment Manager of corporate trusts in a renowned Investment Bank. He has a prior experience of two years as a software engineer in an MNC IT company. Having a healthy blend of IT skills and financial acumen, he has imparted his knowledge as a visiting faculty at Kredent Academy and St. Xavier's College, Kolkata on different topics.

Why and what to learn?

Fixed income refers to investments under which the borrowers is obliged to make payments of fixed amount at every fixed interval. Bonds are most common types of fixed income securities. Globally Bond market is a bigger market than equity. Various career in fixed income security includes the following-

    • Fund manager
    • Trader
    • Treasury
    • Analyst
    • Research
    • Economist

This video talks about basics of bond markets, types of bonds, various types of risk, practical examples, various examples, talk on Indian bond market, types of money market instruments and many more.

Whom is it suitable for

This video is suitable for those who's looking forward to make their career in bond market. However anyone who is interested to learn about fixed income securities can view this video.