Mr. Manmohan Dhanuka B.Com,CA, CFA (level 3]

Manmohan Dhanuka has about 8 yrs experience as an equity research analyst in various sectors like real estate, infrastructure, cement, Power and capital goods with global investment banks and research houses. He is a Chartered Accountant and a CFA Level 3 candidate.

Why and what to learn?

Real Estate is a property comprising of land and building on it. As the topic suggests, real estate acts as a good hedge against inflation. Real estate is a great investment at any time and more better during times of rising inflation. Limited availability of land and rising population growth leads to increase in housing demand and hence makes it a potential investment candidate.

This video discusses about real estate as an asset class, classification of real estate assets, key performance drivers and indicators of the real estate sector, REIT’s, method and technique and many more.

Whom is it suitable for

This video is suitable for those who want to increase their understanding in real estate sector.