Mr. Subodh Gupta

Subodh Gupta has over 9 years’ experience in the Indian Financial Markets. He holds the CMT Certification from MTA (Market Technicians Association, USA).
He is also an MBA from the University of Mumbai. His current job profile requires him to service various Mutual Funds, Treasuries and FII's regarding Long term and Short Term Calls, Market Outlook, Inter-market Technical Analysis, Flow Of Funds, Relative Strength Charting etc. He is also rated amongst the top technical analysts in India.

What to Learn:

Mr. Subodh Gupta, who is a successful trader in the Indian Financial Markets, has described the various aspects of trading in the Indian Financial Markets. In this webinar, he has covered various topics such as psychology, money management, risk management, trader profiles, types of markets etc.

Who is it suitable for:

This webinar has presented the psychology of trader who trade in the market in a daily basis. Students will learn how to manage their risks and fear while trading. Active traders and investors will be able to rectify their psychological mistakes.

Technical analysis and the psychology behind it has been expressed in detail in the course Trading for a Living by Mr. Subodh Gupta himself. For more choice of technical course, view our entire range of technical analysis courses.