Financial Literacy Awareness Program

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It allows an individual to handle his own investments and enables one to plan his/her financial future.  


The objective of the course is to impart knowledge that is sufficient enough to get good, consistent results from investments in the stock markets. We aspire to teach students everything they need to know to get a great return on their investment.

Topics Covered

  • Basics of the Stock market
  • Introduction to Index Investing
  • Principles of Index Investing
  • The Power of Compound Interest
  • Portfolio Management
  • WHAT to Buy, WHEN to Buy and WHEN to Sell
  • How to Time the Stock market (Buy low, Sell high)
  • Sector Rotation Philosophy (SHORT TERM)
  • 5 Ways to lose money in the Stock Market 

Topics Covered

1.5 hrs (approx.)

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