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Introduction stock market basics

Stock markets offer the opportunity to create wealth and achieve financial growth. However, investing or trading involves a significant amount of risk. 

You might refrain from the stock market as you are probably confused by its complexities. You may have heard that the stock market is confusing, stressful and risky. 

However, if you holistically understand the workings of the market, then you can make informed investment decisions, manage risks effectively, and achieve your financial growth and wealth-building goals.

To make you proficient with the foundations of the stock market, we have created a stock market course for beginners to help you achieve your financial goals.

Stock Market Made Easy is a self-paced course that will help you understand the stock market practically. This course will help you by providing a practical and in-depth understanding of the stock market. You will gain a practical understanding of market dynamics using the NSE website and Live Terminal.

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Please find below the overview of the topics covered under the Stock Market Made Easy course: 

Topic 1: Functioning of Financial Markets

  • You will learn the interdependence of the financial ecosystem, where participants such as buyers, sellers, and consumers help in the smooth functioning of the market. 
  • Delve into the capital creation process through banks and financial markets.
  • Understand SEBI's role in regulating the Indian stock market. 
  • Explore the types of capital markets, i.e., primary & secondary markets and how they function. 

Topic 2: Participants in Capital Markets

  • You will get an overview of various participants, such as investors, companies and stock market exchanges.
  • Look at the types of investors, such as retail investors, high net worth individuals and institutional investors.
  • Learn about the depositories - NSDL & CDSL, clearing corporations and custodians.

Topic 3: Understanding Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • You will deep dive into the concept of IPO and explore the reason why the company decided to go public.
  • Understand the different types of public issues apart from IPO, such as Follow on Public Offer (FPO) and Offer For Sale (OFS).
  • Learn about the IPO procedure in India, the basis of allotment and applying for IPO through ASBA.
  • Explore different investor categories for IPO- Retail Individual Investors, Non-Institutional Investors and Qualified Institutional Buyers.
  • Get to understand the entire IPO process with the help of a case study on Lodha Developers.

Topic 4: Key Concepts and Trading Terminologies

  • You will learn about the indices based on small cap, mid cap and large cap, sector/industry, broad market, and free float market cap.
  • Learn the concept of demat and trading accounts.
  • Gain an introduction to contract notes, its contents and the format.
  • Learn about the types of market sessions and timings- pre-open sessions, regular trading sessions, block deal sessions, and closing sessions.
  • Understand various trading terminologies such as tick size, bid and ask spread, impact cost, market depth, circuit breakers, types of orders, market sentiment trackers, foreign institutional investors & domestic institutional investment, bulk deal, block deal, and insider trading.
  • Understand who stockbrokers are and how you should choose the right broker for your investment.
  • Understand the concept of margin trading system and rolling settlement.

Topic 5: Introduction to Live Terminal

  • You will get an overall understanding of the live trading terminal. You will get an overview of the dashboard, watchlist, and order placement.
  • Look at the importance of newspaper analysis for informed investment decisions.

Topic 6: Corporate Action & Its Types

  • You will learn about corporate actions and how company decisions affect stock prices.
  • Learn about the basic concepts of Dividends.
  • Understand the impact of issuing Bonus Issues.
  • Understand how the Bonus Issue differs from the Rights Issue.
  • Understand the impact of Stock Splits.
  • Learn about share Buybacks.

Topic 7: Introduction to Mutual Funds 

  • You will understand the basic concept of mutual funds and their advantages to know how they work as investment vehicles. 
  • Explore mutual fund schemes, such as open-ended and closed-ended, to gain insight into the options available in the market and to choose the most suited ones based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Topic 8: Concept of SIP

  • You will learn about the SIP, which allows for monthly investments in stock markets.
  • This topic will also help you decide whether to invest a large sum of money at once or in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) that divides it into 12 equal payments.

Topic 9: Macroeconomics- Introduction & Importance

  • You will understand what economics is.
  • Look at the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  • Understand the significance of macroeconomics in trading and investing decisions even though macroeconomics is a lagging indicator.

Topic 10: Key Growth Variables

  • You will learn the significance of tracking economic health through GDP.
  • See how keeping an eye on the GDP is important for predicting economic and market cycles and helping with strategic decisions in various asset classes. 
  • Explore various approaches to calculating GDP, such as the Output, Expenditure, and Income approaches.

Topic 11: Price Level Indicators

  • You will now understand the prices within an economy and how they change over time.
  • Learn what inflation is and the ways that cause inflation: Demand-Pull Inflation and Cost-Push Inflation.
  • Understand the impact of inflation on the stock markets.
  • Learn the concepts of Nominal GDP and Real GDP. 
  • Understand deflation and why it is worse for the economy. 
  • Understand the specific indicators you need to monitor for tracking inflation, such as WPI and CPI.

Topic 12: Role of Government

  • You will explore the role of government in an economy.
  • Understand what fiscal policy is and how the government can use it to manage the economy by using fiscal policy tools such as increasing/decreasing taxes and increasing/decreasing government spending. 
  • Understand the monetary policy and various related tools, including interest rate related tools, liquidity related tools and direct market action.

Topic 13: Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

  • You will understand the basic concept of fundamental analysis and the reason behind doing it.
  • Explore the factors that affect the stock prices, such as negative or positive newsflow, liquidity in the company, etc.

Topic 14: Different Approaches to Stock Investing: 

  • You will explore the Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches to investing.
  • Learn to carry out the Economy and Industry Analysis.
  • Look at Porter's Five Forces Analysis, an approach for identifying good businesses and promising sectors.
  • Using real-world examples, you'll study SWOT analysis.

Topic 15: Learn Technical Analysis

  • You will now look at the philosophy behind the technical analysis. 
  • Understand price over time and the concepts of volume and open interest in trading.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the structure of financial markets and how the economy and financial markets are interdependent.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the equity market and its operations by gaining an overview of the NSE website and an introduction to the live terminal.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of IPOs through infographics and case studies.
  • Understand the various types of corporate actions and their impact on share prices. 
  • Conduct diligent research and analysis on companies to make informed investment decisions by learning different approaches to stock investing.
  • Evaluate and effectively manage the risks associated with trading and investing.

Topics Covered in Stock Market Made Easy

  • Basics of Capital Markets
  • Understanding Stock Markets
  • Understanding Mutual Funds
  • Relation of Economy and Financial Markets
  • Different Approaches to Fundamental Analysis
  • Basics of Technical Analysis

Intended Participants

Anyone looking to understand the foundations of stock market, explore investment options, or safeguard their financial future.

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  • The student has to appear for the Certification Test hosted on the website itself under “Self-Evaluation Test >> Certification Test”
  • In case the student does not clear the Certification Test, he/she can re-appear the same after 8 hours
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Other Details:

  • Duration:  40 minutes.
  • Pattern of questions: Multiple choice-based questions of 2 marks each.
  • No Negative Marking
  • Qualifying marks: 60%

Certificate of Completion:
After successful completion of the online examination, participants need to go to the "My Certificate" tab in Student Dashboard to download the certificate for the respective course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stock market trading refers to the buying and selling of financial instruments such as stocks on public exchanges. Traders aim to make money on price fluctuations through long-term investments or short-term trends. It takes place on stock exchanges, enabling buyers and sellers to trade. Investors participate in the stock market for capital appreciation, dividends, and portfolio diversification, making it an essential part of the global financial system.
To begin stock trading, conduct research and choose a reliable brokerage platform. Open a demat account, deposit funds, and gain experience with the basics of the market. Taking your investing objectives and risk tolerance into account, develop a strategy. Analyse equities, keep an eye on your portfolio and use market or limit orders to purchase or sell. To trade stocks successfully, one must always be learning more and keeping up with market trends.
Login to www.elearnmarkets.com with your registered email id. >> Go to My Account and click on “My Courses”. >> Click on "Course Name"
To post your queries in the discussion forum, follow the steps: Go to the video or the class recording in which you are having doubts >> Click on the Ask a Question icon >> A dialog box will open. Type the topic in which you are having doubt and the specific doubt you are having. Please provide as many details as possible. >> Your query will be answered by our experts soon.
Yes, this is a certification course with lifetime validity.
After successfully completing the examination, participants need to go to the "My Certificate" tab in Student Dashboard to download the certificate for the respective course.
Please reach Team Support at 9051622255. You can alternatively write to us at support@elearnmarkets.com
Please reach program advisor at 9748222555. You can alternatively write to us at info@elearnmarkets.com
Investing is an effective way to put your money to work and potentially build wealth. It can help you build your savings, protect your money from inflation and taxes, and maximize income from your investments.
"There are various types of risks involved when a person buys or sells a stock. Some of these include: >> Systematic risk- This risk is associated with the regular price fluctuations in the market. >> Unsystematic risk – Such risks affect a particular company or industry. >> Business risk – This type of risk arises if a certain business is not doing well because of its performance. >> Inflationary Risk- With an increase in inflation, the cost of raw material will increase, which can influence the prices of shares. >> Interest risk – Changes in the rate of interest by the RBI can be a risk for investors."
To become proficient, begin by learning fundamental financial concepts and stock market fundamentals. Follow financial news, read books, and consider speaking with a financial advisor. You can check out our FREE financial guides.
Yes, this course is a basic course on the stock market. This is suitable for those who are looking to understand the foundations of the stock market, explore investment options, or safeguard their financial future.
This stock market courses for beginners will help you to understand the workings of the market, then you can make informed investment decisions, manage risks effectively, and achieve your financial growth and wealth-building goals.
The first step to start with your investment in the stock market is to educate yourself and then open a DEMAT Account. Dematerialization is the process of allowing investors to convert their physical shares into digital format and they are held in a Demat account.

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