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Trading Psychology when making money

Amit Gulecha (Chartered Accountant by Qualification Prop F&O Trader Based on Technical Analysis)

25 May   15:00   3 Hours   500/- +18% GST

Trading psychology might sound like a made-up phenomenon, but it’s a very real thing.Understanding common problems of traders.The stock market may not have emotions, but as a person, you do. To attain and maintain a sustainable and long-term career as a trader, it’s incredibly impo...

Introduction to Market Profile

Rajandran R .

01 June   15:00   2 Hours   500/- +18% GST

You know that Market Profile is one of the best tool to organize market generated information and help in spotting intraday and positional trading opportunities. At Marketcalls we use Market Profile extensively to spot discretionary trade setups(Day trading/Positional). If you want to learn Ma...

Looking at indices and stocks via straddles and strangles

Abhijit Phatak SEBI certified Research Analyst

15 June   15:00   2 Hours   500/- +18% GST

Understanding market action through straddles and strangles, and their price action.  Strangles and Straddles are the widely used neutral options strategies to profit from time value, implied volatility and the directional non-movement of the underlying stock. Many traders in India active...

Identifying Patterns in Options Trading

Raghunath Reddy (An active trader in Nifty index and stock futures & options for the last 7 years)

22 June   15:00   2 hours   500/- +18% GST

Options traders use various standard and novel options strategies to generate profit or regular income. One of the handicaps in using these option strategies is the lack of research to validate if the strategies work or have worked previously. Another difficulty faced by options traders is to ...

Best ways to pick stocks for Intraday Trading

Abhishek Kar .

29 June   15:00   2 hours   500/- +18% GST

The biggest issues which a day trader faces is his failure in selecting the right stocks and the right time to trade these. This webinar will make explain you exactly how to do the same in the most simplistic manner.



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