Ultimate Trading Signals using RSI

Mr. Ameeth Vorra BBA, MBA (Finance).; Author; Entrepreneur, Trader, Investor

English   28 September   15:00   2 hours   500/- +18% GST

This Webinar is all about using RSI in it's simplest form to get good trending moves in stocks or Indices. Using RSI in such way that trader get conviction on the trades and maximize their gains and minimizing ...

Trading for Living: Learn Trading Psychology

Mr. Abhishek Kar .

English   05 October   15:00   2 hours   500/- +18% GST

Strategy is just 20%, rest all in trading is about psychology. Who better can explain the same with live examples than a full time trader himself? Abhishek Kar will run you through his own experiences and help you ...

Decoding the secrets of option buyers edge in Nifty Index

Mr. Chetan Panchamia (B.COM, Diploma in Capital Markets)

English   19 October   15:00   2 hours   500/- +18% GST

Nifty is the most trade-able derivatives instrument and with the introduction of weekly options one can design a short term swing strategy . The presenter is trying to find an edge in Nifty option buying by designi...

Quantifying Divergence: Which divergence works and why?

Mr. Subhadip Nandy Quantitative Derivatives Trader & Algo/system designer

English   26 October   13:00   2 hours   500/- +18% GST

Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most popular and probably the most popularly misunderstood technical indicators. There is not a single book in the field of technical analysis that will not mention this ...

Volatility's Edge in Options Trading

Dr. Prashant Mullick .

English   02 November   15:00   3 hours   500/- +18% GST

Financial markets are volatile by nature. Disagreement of a fair price of the traded instruments leads to opportunities and hence volatility in the marketplace. 

In this webinar, we will look at the ...


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