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Masterclass on Algo Trading: Advanced Algorithmic Trading Course

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Nowadays, In India, more than 50% of trades in the stock market occur with the help of algorithms. These computer programs and mathematical models help to initiate high-speed automated trade.

This masterclass is a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the basic to advanced concepts of algorithms and understand the advantages of incorporating algorithmic trades to unlock the potential to become a successful trader. Also, there are a few strategies shared by the expert in this course that will help you to start your journey.

This program is a combination of live and recorded sessions where you will get hands-on experience in developing your own strategies to execute in the market. Please find below the snapshot of the Masterclass on Algo Trading:

Topic 1: Introduction

Gain comprehensive knowledge of what an algorithm is, how it works and its pros and cons. Study the track record of traders like Ed Seykota, Nicholas Darvas’ Box Theory and Richard Donchain’s 4 Week Rule.

Topic 2: Building Algo Trading System

Understand the critical difference between equities and futures, how to work and the steps to test a hypothesis in a live market.

  • Know the difference between equities and futures with respect to Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism (SLBM), leverage and speculative instruments.
  • Get knowledge of the central idea of the hypothesis and build it.
  • How to prepare and build data and features of good quality data, including length of data and corporate action adjusted data.

Topic 3: Key Factors in Trading

Know the importance of position sizing and risk management and explore the concept of money management. And gain a comprehensive understanding to be a disciplined trader by knowing why we behave the way we do and why letting profits run and cutting losses is challenging. Furthermore, analyze the efficiency of trade by checking if the system is robust and also why it does not always work. 

Topic 4: Rule-Based Trading System

Understand from the mistakes of other traders. Our expert provides a wide range of books and movies to help you know and analyze traders psychology. Know the rules of the Swing strategies, the exit rule and the short entry and short exit rule in live market.

Topic 5: Building Strategies on Pine script & Python

Explore Pine Script and backtest it, signal generation and working with the matrix.

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the basic concept of coding and working with the Pine Script
  • How to generate a signal in TradingView using Long & Short Condition
  • Know how to run a matrix, add date ranges, analyze and decode the final results, and interpret algorithm signals on a chart.

Topic 6: Live Market Execution

Know the live trade execution framework, how to develop options strategies without coding, and backtest them. Understand the process to execute trades and backtest in Pine Script, know how to create an options strategy, including Partial Leg Square-off Strategy without coding and get the results derived from Backtesting in a live market.

Topic 7: Trading Options using Algo

Understand the importance of options premium, determining the options pricing and profitability for options writers. Explore strategies like shortening a straddle and strangle using algo and learn how to manage risk.

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Vivek Gadodia

About the Trainer

Vivek Gadodia

3011 Learners 172 reviews

Vivek has over 18 years of experience in trading and financial markets and has set up Institutional Algo Desk at MF Global India. As a partner at Dravyaniti Consulting and RBT Algo Systems, he leads various client projects, including individuals, brokers, banks, and hedge funds.  He programs in multiple languages and teaches various courses on Algo/Technicals and Derivatives as a visiting faculty at BSE Training Institute.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Explore the basic principles of algorithms and the key differences between the Cash and the Derivative Market. 
  • Explore the key idea of formulating a hypothesis and know the critical data elements required to develop an effective system.
  • Build and execute strategies in TradingView using Pine Script and Python, and interpret algorithmic signals on charts.
  • Implement algorithmic strategies for Strangle and Straddle positions. 
  • Perform backtesting and analyze market data in real-time using Keev and Algotest.in.
  • Understand how to be a disciplinary trader using proper risk and money management.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Algorithmic Trading
  • Building Algorithmic setup
  • Rules of Trading System
  • Building strategies on Pine script & Python
  • Live Market Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Automate Options Trades Using Algo

Intended Participants

  • Traders seeking to automate their trading strategies
  • Aspiring Traders and Retail Traders
  • Financial Professionals Services

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Under this course, “Masterclass on Algo Trading”, the participant will be required to appear for the online examination hosted on the website of Elearnmarkets.com. Please note that the participant will get the Certificate of Completion for the course only after passing the Certification Test provided in the course.



  • The student must appear for the Certification Test hosted on the website under “Test section >> Certification Test”.
  • In case the student does not clear the Certification Test, they can re-appear the same after 8 hours.
  • In case of any further assistance, drop in an email to support@elearnmarkets.com or call: 9051622255

Other Details:

  • Duration: 40 minutes.
  • Pattern of Questions: Multiple choice-based questions of 2 marks each.
  • No Negative Marking
  • Qualifying marks: 60%

Certificate of Completion: 

After successful completion of the online examination, participants need to go to the "My Certificate" tab in Student Dashboard to download the certificate for the respective course.

Vivek Gadodia

Instructed By

Vivek Gadodia


*incl. of Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Algo trading, short for algorithmic trading, involves using computer algorithms to execute trading strategies. It differs from traditional methods by automating the trading process, allowing for faster and more efficient execution of trades based on pre-defined criteria.
Anyone interested in enhancing their understanding of algorithmic trading can benefit from a masterclass on the algo trading course. This includes traders, financial professionals, and even individuals seeking to explore automated trading strategies.
Common algorithms in algo trading include Moving Averages, Mean Reversion, and Momentum Trading. These algorithms are developed using programming languages like Python or C++, incorporating mathematical models and historical data analysis.
Data analysis is fundamental in algo trading as it helps identify patterns, trends, and potential market opportunities. Analyzing historical and real-time data enables traders to develop effective algorithms and refine strategies for optimal performance.
Potential risks in algo trading include system glitches, market volatility, and incorrect algorithm assumptions. These risks can be mitigated through rigorous testing, continuous monitoring, and implementing risk management strategy.
Algo trading involves several steps, including defining trading objectives, developing trading algorithms, backtesting strategies using historical data, implementing algorithms in a trading platform, and monitoring performance. It requires proficiency in programming languages, quantitative analysis, and risk management techniques.

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