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This calculator helps you to calculate the amount you’ll receive at the end of the investment period. It takes into consideration the SIP amount, Investment period, and the expected interest rate to calculate the maturity amount.

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What is a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP?

A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a way that can help you make small investments in mutual funds for a regular period to grow your money in the most innovative way possible. SIP allows you to invest your money in weekly, monthly or quarterly forms. Some prospective investors think that SIPs & mutual funds are the same.But That is not the case. SIPs are merely a way of investing in mutual funds, the other method being a lump sum.

What is a SIP Calculator?

A SIP Calculator is an innovative online tool that allows individuals to estimate the returns on their mutual fund investments made through SIP. It is one of the most popular investment options for millennials today. This mutual fund SIP Calculator can help potential investors by estimating their mutual fund investments. Please note, this calculator only gives an estimate based on the inputs provided. However, the actual returns may vary depending on the various mutual fund schemes based on several factors. In addition, the SIP calculator does not provide clarification for the exit load & expense ratio (if any).

A SIP return calculator for mutual funds generally has three input boxes::

  1. Monthly investment amount
  2. Investment period
  3. Expected annual returns

How can a SIP Return Calculator help you?

It is a strong belief by several mutual fund experts that SIPs are a more suitable way of investing rather than a lump sum amount. It can greatly benefit you in the future by becoming financially independent.

A SIP calculator is a beneficial tool, showing you the estimated returns you will earn after the investment tenure.

A few benefits of the SIP calculators are:

  1. You can know the amount you want to invest in
  2. Total amount you have invested
  3. Also, it gives you an estimated value of the returns

SIP Calculation Formula

A typical SIP Calculator uses the following formula –
M = P × ({[1 + i]n – 1} / i) × (1 + i). In this formula – M is the amount you receive on maturity P is the amount you invest at regular intervals n is the number of payments you have made so far i is the periodic rate of interest.
You are investing ?1,000 per month for 12 months at a periodic rate of interest of 12%
The rate of return per month would be 12%/12 = 1/100=0.01
Hence, in a year, you will get approximately ?12,809

However, do keep in mind that the rate of interest on Mutual Funds changes as per market conditions. It may increase or decrease, which may impact the estimated returns.

How to use Elearnmarkets Systematic Investment Plan Calculator?

You can use the SIP calculator from Elearnmarkets just in a few clicks.
Simply enter your desired monthly investment amount, the expected number of years for which you want to invest & your expected annual rate of return.

After you input the values, the calculator will show you the estimated amount you can avail after your investment tenure is complete.

Advantages of Using Elearnmarkets Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

Elearnmarkets best calculator for Systematic Investment Plan provides the following benefits:
Investment plan based on the amount & tenure Get an estimate upon computation of the total value of your investment at the end of SIP tenure Shows you accurate results & helps you save time required during a manual calculation

Therefore,get your savings portfolio as per your requirements & financial needs with the help of this SIP Calculator.

SIP Calculator - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the investment amount that I can make into SIP?

There is no limit that you can invest into SIP. The minimum amount that you can invest starts from Rs. 1 a month.

What is the maximum tenure of a SIP?

There is no maximum tenure of a SIP. You can invest as long as you can. The minimum investment period is 1 year according to our online SIP Calculator. But generally, an SIP carries an end date after 1 Year, 3 years or 5 years of investment. The investor can hence, withdraw the amount invested whenever he wishes or as per his financial goals.

Is there any way I can modify my SIP amount?

Yes, that can be easily done through our SIP investment calculator. Here you can check the returns & increase or decrease the SIP amount.

Can I renew my SIP amount?

Yes, you can renew a SIP automatically. Companies can also give the option to cancel this auto-renew feature.

What are the Different Types of SIP Available?

The different types of SIPs are:

Regular SIP: This is the simplest type of SIP that lets you invest a fixed amount at regular intervals. You can choose a suitable investment frequency for your SIPs: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Top-up SIP: This SIP allows you to increase your SIP amount periodically.

Flexible SIP: This type of SIP allows you to change your investment amounts. For this, you need to inform the fund house regarding the SIP amount at least a week before the SIP installment date.

Perpetual SIP: While starting the SIP investments, you will have to mention the tenure of the SIP in the application form. If no tenure is mentioned, then it is considered as a perpetual SIP. As a result, the SIP will continue till you give any specific instruction to stop it. With this you can keep investing as long as you wish to without any end date.

Trigger SIP: You can set a SIP date, redeem or switch the SIP once the trigger for the event occurs.

Multi SIP: With this, you can invest in multiple schemes of the fund house through a single instrument.

How to Redeem SIP Mutual Fund Online?

For this you need to log in to the mutual fund house page. Input your folio number or PAN number as asked there. Just select the scheme and amount or number of units you want to redeem. The requested amount will soon reflect in your bank account after successful redemption.

Can I pause investments in a SIP?

Yes, mutual fund companies do provide that option to investors. The option for pausing your SIP investments up for a specific period of time is available.