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Vivek Bajaj

Vivek Bajaj

MBA(IIM Indore), ACA, ACS, M.Com

Mr. Vivek Bajaj has over 19 years of trading experience in equities, options, currencies, and commodity markets. He is the co-founder of Stockedge and Elearnmarkets and is passionate about data, analytics, and technology. He serves on various exchange committees and has played a significant role in the evolution of India's derivative market. He has been a speaker at various colleges and higher institutions, including IIT and IIMs.

Vivek Bajaj
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Vivek Bajaj Education & Qualification
Vivek Bajaj is not only a seasoned practitioner in the financial markets but also a knowledgeable educator. He successfully pursued both CA and CS while balancing good grades in university. His confidence and self-belief led him to apply to IIM Indore to pursue an MBA, driven by the desire to learn the nitty-gritty of what it takes to run a successful business.

Contributions to Financial Learning
Vivek Bajaj is a financial education pioneer who significantly shaped the field of financial education. Elearnmarkets, his brainchild, is proof of his dedication to improving financial literacy. Learners may benefit from Mr. Bajaj's valuable knowledge and views through a variety of courses available on the site. The Vivek Bajaj course offerings cover a spectrum of topics, ranging from the fundamentals of the stock market to advanced strategies. The Vivek Bajaj trading course aims to provide students with the skills and strategies needed for success. Learning from him will provide you with practical insights gained from his vast trading expertise in addition to theoretical knowledge.

A Breakthrough in Market Analysis with StockEdge
Vivek Bajaj co-founded the financial data and analytics tool StockEdge in 2016. The platform gives users thorough market insights by combining technology and data analytics. Vivek Bajaj, one of StockEdge's co-founders, has led the way in creating a platform that gives traders and investors access to real-time data, technical analysis, and portfolio tracking.

With a strong belief that "investing in stock markets is a life skill," he wants to make finance more accessible to everyone. He wants StockEdge and ELM to grow into an integrated solution provider for individual investors in India in the domain of personal financial management.

His ultimate goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who engage, learn, and progress together through mutual connections. A major progress in this direction is represented by ELM and StockEdge, which aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Together with the other 250+ driven members of the team, he and his co-founders are totally dedicated to reaching that common goal.

His philosophy is simple: one should first inspire oneself before seeking to become an inspiration for others. He emphasizes that there is no limit to one's abilities; one is limitless.

So, for everyone asking, "Who is Vivek Bajaj," he is a multi-faceted individual who makes significant contributions to the fields of market analysis, education, and finance. You can connect with Learner Vivek Bajaj on X and YouTube @vivbajaj.