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This calculator helps you to calculate the Future Value of a Present Amount after taking into account the rate of return and time period. The amount here is compounded annually.

Future Value Calculator - Predict the future worth of investments.

Present Value of Investment

Minimum value should be ₹50000.(without decimal)

Number of years


Minimum value should be 1

Expected annual rate of return


Minimum value should be 1

Future Value Amount

{{calculateSip() | customcurrency}}

{{investment|customcurrency}} invested today at {{anualRate < 1 ? 0 : anualRate}}% would become {{calculateSip() | customcurrency}} after {{totalYear < 1 ? 0 : totalYear}} year(s).

Future Value Calculator - Calculate Future Value of Money

Do you know that Future value is the value of an asset or investment as of some future date? Yes, the future value is the sum of money that an investment will be worth, assuming a certain rate of return after a specific amount of time (interest rate). Investors and financial planners emphasise future value because it enables them to predict how much an investment will be valued in the future.

Do you also know that there is a Future Value Calculator Online that helps us calculate the future value! Yes! Before we discuss how the future value calculator works, let us discuss what is actually meant by the future value:

What is Future Value?

The current asset's value at some point in the future based on an estimated rate of increase is known as a future value or FV.

Investors can use the FV calculation to estimate how much profit can be made from specific assets to varying degrees of accuracy. The calculation of FV is predicated on the notion of a constant growth rate.

Investors and financial planners use the future value (FV) to predict how much an investment made now will be worth. Investors can make wise investment choices based on their projected demands by knowing their future worth.

Future Value Formula

The formula for calculating the Future Value is-

Future Value= Invested Amount (1+ Rate of Return) ^Number of years

Isn't the formula too complicated? We also thought so! So, for such difficult calculations, Elearnmarkets has developed a Future Value Calculator Online to make the calculations easy.

Future Value Calculator Online

In Elearnmarkets Future Value Calculator Online, we need to enter the following inputs.

1. Present Value of Investment 2. Number of years 3. Expected Annual Rate of Return

After entering, click on the "Calculate Now", and we will get the amount as follows:

EMI Calculator

Future Value Calculator Benefits

Below are the benefits of using the Future Value Calculator.

With this calculator, you may find out the precise worth of the amount invested for the future.

Knowing the worth of the money invested in the future allows one to increase their investment options and build up a sizable corpus over time.

Now that we know what is Future Value, how it work and how to use the Future Value Calculator Online, let us discuss some FAQs about the same:

What is the future value of $1000 in 5 years at 8?

An investment of $1,000 made today will be worth $1,480.24 in five years at interest rate of 8% compounded semi-annually.

How can I get two crores in 10 years?

One of the best ways to make money is to make regular, long-term investments. You will need to invest about Rs 86,000 to amass Rs 2 crore in 10 years, assuming a 12 per cent annual return. The best way to succeed is to put money into a plan matching your risk tolerance and investment goals.

What is a future value example?

Future value is the amount that, with time and an interest rate, is invested now and will eventually become. As an illustration, if you deposit Rs. 1,000 today with a 2 per cent annual interest rate will be worth Rs. 1,020 after a year. Its future value is, therefore Rs. 1,020.

What will Rs. 1000 be worth in 20 years?

Our investor would have amassed Rs. 16,187 after ten years of adding the inflation-adjusted Rs. 1,000 every year. Not enough to truly blow anyone away. However, the account would be valued at Rs. 118,874 after 20 years of this.

What is the difference between present value and future value?

Here are some key differences:

A. Future Value and Present Value are the terms used to calculate the future and current net worth of money.
B. Present value involves both discounted and interest rates, whereas future value involves only interest rates.
C. In the present value, the future value is given, and in future value, the present value is already present.

What is the Formula for Future Value in SIP?

Understand key factors like investment amount, tenure, and expected rate of return to calculate the future value of SIP.

The formula for calculating the future value of SIP investments is:

Future Value = P ({[1 + i] n – 1 / i)*(1 + i)


P: SIP amount
i: Expected rate of return per frequency period
n: Number of installments

What is the future value of 5500 in 17 years?

FV = PV (1+i/f)fn

FV= future value
PV= present value
i= interest rate
n= interest periods
f = compounding frequency

Let's assume an annual interest rate of 5% (0.05), and the PV is ₹5500.

FV=5500×(1+ 0.05/1 )1×17

So, the future value of ₹5500 in 17 years, with an annual interest rate of 5%, would be approximately ₹12424.50.

What is the future value of 10000 (20000) in 15 years?



𝐹𝑉= is the future value
PV= is the present value (initial investment), which is $10,000 in this case
R = is the annual interest rate (expressed as a decimal)
n = is the number of periods (years)

If we assume an annual interest rate of, say, 5%, we plug in the values:


Let's calculate:


So, the future value of ₹20,000 in 15 years with a 5% annual interest rate would be approximately ₹80920.88.