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This calculator will help you to calculate the amount you need to invest in order to become a crorepati by your desired age.

Become a Crorepati Calculator - Plan your path to one crore rupees

Current Age


Age when you want to be Crorepati


Expected annual rate of return


Minimum value should be 1

The age you want to become a crorepati cannot be less than your current age.


{{monthlyinvestment.toLocaleString('en-IN')}} Per Month

You have to invest {{monthlyinvestment.toLocaleString('en-IN')}} per month for {{totalYearGoal}} {{totalYearGoal > 1 ? 'years':'year'}} in order to become Crorepati.


{{oneinvestment | customcurrency}} One Time

You have to invest {{oneinvestment | customcurrency}} today in order to become Crorepati after {{totalYearGoal}} {{totalYearGoal > 1? 'years': 'year'}}.

Crorepati Calculator For Investment Planning

What is Crorepati Calculator?

With Elearnmarkets Become a Crorepati Calculator is where you can calculate the sip investment amount you need to invest per month to achieve the goal of becoming a crorepati till the time of retirement. It is evident that discipline and planning helps to achieve the personal goal. So, this Crorepati Calculator will help you to aim your goal by calculating your desired amount.

How to get 1cr in 5 years

Depending upon the risk taking ability if you invest in sip or lumpsum you can achieve the goal of 1 cr in 5 years.

If we assume a 10% annual rate of return then you have to invest ₹1,28,070 per month for the 5 years to achieve the goal of 1cr.

But, if we are planning to do a lumpsum investment, you have to invest ₹62.09 Lac today in order to become Crorepati.

In conclusion, it is better to start early and stay disciplined to achieve the goal.

Rules That Will Help You Become Crorepati

The new age investors means in the current generation everyone has the dream to become Crorepati in early age. So if you are 25 years in age or below and start investing approx ₹13000 for 20 years till you become 45 years old with an interest rate of 10% you can become a crorepati easily. But however to achieve the target you have to stay consistent and disciplined throughout this given period of time. Also you can increase the amount of investment over years as per your convenience.

8-4-3 rule in SIP?

The 8-4-3 rule for SIP means that if you invest ₹30,000 monthly into an SIP with a return of 12% per annum, then your portfolio will add ₹50 lacs in the first 8 years, ₹50 lacs in the next 4 years to become Rs 1 cr in total value and adds further ₹50 lacs in the next 3 yrs to reach ₹1.5 cr.

15 15 15 rule in SIP?

The 15-15-15 rule in SIP has 3 parts in it:

One is the investment amount which is ₹15,000 per month. Second is the tenure, which has to be continued for 15 years. Third one is the return, which is should be around 15%.

If you follow these steps, the investment amount, the tenure and if your portfolio generate 15% return then you will become crorepati at the end of this period.

7 5 3 1 rule in SIP?

7-5-3-1 rule should have

A. 7+ year investment time frame, as the equity market does well over 7+ year timeframes.
B. Diversify the equity portfolio using a 5 finger strategy, meaning different cap size, investment style, geography help to strengthen the portfolio.
C. Prepare for the 3 common points of failure, like when the markets are down don’t panic, don’t worry about the lower return etc. and the last one.
D. Increase your sip amount after every 1 year, even a small amount change every year makes a lot of difference.

Follow this 7-5-3-1 rule for a long term wealth creation.