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This calculator will help you to calculate the amount you need to invest in order to become a crorepati by your desired age.

Become a Crorepati Calculator - Plan your path to one crore rupees

Current Age


Age when you want to be Crorepati


Expected annual rate of return


Minimum value should be 1

The age you want to become a crorepati cannot be less than your current age.


{{monthlyinvestment.toLocaleString('en-IN')}} Per Month

You have to invest {{monthlyinvestment.toLocaleString('en-IN')}} per month for {{totalYearGoal}} {{totalYearGoal > 1 ? 'years':'year'}} in order to become Crorepati.


{{oneinvestment | customcurrency}} One Time

You have to invest {{oneinvestment | customcurrency}} today in order to become Crorepati after {{totalYearGoal}} {{totalYearGoal > 1? 'years': 'year'}}.