Student Reviews

adi kushwaha

कैंडलस्टिक्स अब हुआ आसान

Thangs sir I am bignar But trading ke liye ragistance And support uski vedios nhi hogi sir kya

Jaimin Chauhan

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

The content was very informative and effective. The explanation was detailed and with example.

suraj kumar

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

yaah it is very easy to understand but you guys could make the new excel formulas with some example and latest ..thank you

yash beniwal

शेयर बाजार सीखें सरल भाषा में

Hello . E-learnmarkets team I won't to say that this is good application website or app for learn about financial things.👍

Anil Sharma

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Best content ever seen, best way to elaborate all the things which can be done via Excel

Anshul Shrivastava

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

This is really very helpful for me, thankyou sir for giving me this great opportunity yo learn something from you.

LOKESH Krish Yadav Krishnamurthy

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

The course content was really good. I felt the course instructor explanation seems to be understandable and above all the recorded content was really helpful to revise the concepts. Thank you

Allwyn Fernandes

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

NCFM exam content varied by a fine distance from what was thought. Overall it was a very interactive session and the trainer, Mr. Karan was really good. My perception of viewing a stock has completely changed. I would recommend this course.

Sunitha Radhakrishnan

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

The sessions were really helpful. Karan sir did his best as a guide,he was always there for us to clear our doubts. Support team was also very much approachable. Thank you team elearnmarkets.

Deonandan Kumar Mandal

Financial Planning Made Easy

Very simple and detailed study but it should better if you will provide some written notes that will more better for the learner for future reference

Katokota Nipun PRUSTY

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

Every session was excellent and karan sir was also very helpful in giving us the practical thought to the market.

4337_Gaurav Singh Chauhan

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Ms excel class are very informative and spectacular session (free course). It's helpful for thousands and thousands of people in whole around the world. Thanks you so much sir 🙏🙏 We are also part of this class due to free of caste class as you provided with us ☺️☺️


Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

I am very happy to complete the course and i learn so many things about excel.

Navneet Kumar Jha

शेयर बाजार अब हुआ आसान

It's a good basic Course of stock market & beginners learn from scratch 👍👍🏅🏅

Kishan Haldar

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Please Improve Test submissiom bcz i have submitted correct one but it show me that you selected wrong Question

Swarup Swain

Basics of Financial Markets

I got lot of valuable knowledge and informations regarding basics of financial market which will help me in order to enhance my skills in future. THANK YOU ELERNMARKET for helping me with this

S Lokanath

Master Iron Condor with Adjustments

Excellent coverage, I was very happy to be a student of Mr Pradeep Single. I am a follower of his YouTube channel, where gives very important and useful tips for option trading. I am immensely benefitted by that.

Shreya Kumari

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

Got so many things to learn , perfect way of teaching n coordinators are also very helpful. Thanks for all the wonderful knowledge sessions .

Narendra Babu N

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

Very apt content and teaching for an enthusiastic learner. Even support team is very good at responding to queries.

Vinod Dabral

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

I was being in market for last two years and was aware of few fundamental aspects already however by doing this course i come to know those things in detail and also learnt new things which we never thought important or unaware. i like the way trainer (karan) delivered the topics in details and its a complete interactive sessions rather than a monologue. the only reason not giving 5 star as i believe there is always scope to improve as i feel internal content is missing only we have NFCM workbook and trainer notes but detail videos will be helpful like we have live session for technical and under elearn course for technical we too have videos which was missing for CRTA course. also i suggest there should be some portion left towards end that should guide students for external examination how to attend format etc.

Janardan Rao Chevuru

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

Nicely explained by Mr. Karan Sharma. The multi dimension approach for equity research has changed my investing style in Equity.

Parshav Jain

Mutual Fund Made Easy

too good for abeginner to understand how mf works and how to invest in mf 's

Deebanraj Ramasamy

பங்கு சந்தையில் பணம் சம்பாதிப்பது எப்படி ?

Really nice explain for very basic view about stock market and mutual funds.

Sumit Kumar

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

Good Knowledge and Learning. This will also help in economic growth of our country.

Sn Shahid

Fundamental Analysis And Value Investing Strategy

Basics covered. In some modules, audio is not clear. Pdf document should have been provided for download.

Gaurav khanna

Credit Risk and Credit Derivatives

Presenter volume need to be fixed. Some more examples to be included to make content more understandable.

Quazi Ali

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

Very Good course. I like this course. Course teaches beginner the fundamental of stocks with simple way by using story of "General Consultancy" company that grows from start up to stock list company and in the mean time what company management need to do for this journey. Student enjoy the journey like a interesting story book and learn so many things in simple way. Course also showed terminology and blue print of stock in such way that lay mane can understand it easily. but my suggestion is that course should focus more on power of compounding although they covered it but it needed to be covered more and more.

Joydev Banerjee

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

I have searching for this course everywhere and finally I got teh course here, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions in the Advance Excel course. The instructors do an excellent job of breaking down each subject in an easy to understand logical progression.


Online NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP)

Plenty of information and essential for those who want to learn basics to advance level concepts of the stock market. I'm thankful to the team of tutors.

Muhammad Ikraam

Career Opportunities in Finance

Wao This Amazing and very help full and i know what is Finance Marketing so please give a Certificate

Ajay Papat

Stock Markets Made Easy

Very well designed course for Beginneers which gives a clear insight about market to the new comers. Great work.

Parthav Mukherjee

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

I like this course very much. The best feature in the course I like is I can make quick notes of the chapters

Shivam Kaushal

Stock Markets Made Easy

Best learning Platform for stock market. But there's an issue of certification test portal.

Bidyut Maji

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

This course is really good and real.If you really want to learn MS exal so please do this course..


Financial Planning Made Easy

SUPER ... very Interesting course. It was very much graceful that I learn some basic knowledge easily. It helps me to recover my doubts and develop the technical skills to analysis it more fluently. Thanks SIR THANKS ELEARNMARKETS.


Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

This is a fantastic cource for those student who has not any resources Thank you sir

Smeet Shah

Certification in Online Options Strategies

Amazing course!!! Very indepth practical course explaining options, how Greeks affect options with data and backtesting and strategies in options


Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

It would be good if we have live classes with the best teachers and also we can add any other programs like powerpoint word document etc

Lalnunsiama Hrangkhol

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Superb learning platform provided by elearnmarkets,but no idea the certificates they provided are valid.

Muhammad Hakimi Bin Hamdan

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Hi Nama saya Hakimi. Saya Orang Malaysia. Ig saya @HakimiHamdan. Boleh follow tau

Somya Garg

Stock Markets Made Easy

Good User Interface. Content is also good for beginners, overall a great experience as a beginner. Edit : The course was going good till ma'am taught it but when Sir started teaching, it went down the hill. Sorry, but this is the truth. Won't recommend if you are paying 1000 for this. Content is good, no doubt about it but the way it was taught(At Some Points) could be better.


Candlesticks Made Easy

Thank you for providing such a good study course and help understand the basics and also provide good relevant contents for better clarity.

Amit Tamhankar


Its a course with practical insights where complex information is explained in a very very simple manner.

Raghu Sreeram

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

This is an excellent course. I would recommend this course to every one who want to start investing or who are already in this business.

Danny Damiaio Mantero

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

It's good Very useful and great knowledge But I have not got certificate after the exam