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Student Reviews

Manoj Magade

शेयर बाजार सीखें सरल भाषा में

One of the best share market course, every person can understand this course

Nazrul Ahmed

Complete Basic Stock Market Course in Hindi(हिंदी में पूरा बेसिक स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स)

Contents is superb , mainly I like the case studies , portfolio design rule and stock screener very much. About fundamental and technical , they are been taught in very simple language , really very easy to understand. Really fantastic course , I want others to join this course as it is a complete course which contains Fundamental , technical , Case studies , Portfolio design and finally stock screen. Now I am confident .Now I understand FIRST LEARN AND THEN EARN. Thank you Nur Alam Sirji.

Khaleelullah M H

Stock Markets Made Easy

It really adds value to the knowledge by simple video capsules. Everything is clearly explained. Keep it up.

Ankit Yadav

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Some time sound is not clear like so much noise while in other video , audio is good


Stock Markets Made Easy

very hard work in completed elearn markets (stock markets made easy) but still waiting certificate,

Sima Singh

शेयर बाजार सीखें सरल भाषा में

It's nice platform to know besic knowledge of digital marketing. Also give certificate.

Vikas kumar

Technical Indicators-Learning Module

I didn't understand ATR and ADX indicator except that overall good for basic to intermediate understanding.


எலியட் வேவ் தியரி

very good explanation about eliot wave theory by simple and understanding language

Imam Hussain

Common Sense Investing

অনেক অনেক ভালো খুব ভালো একটি সার্টিফিকেট. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗✍️


Career Opportunities in Finance

You should provide a certificate also for this course so that more people attract and which is proof for completing the course.

Mr BePro

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

Too good for basics and beginners. Simple aur easy language mein bohot kuh seekhne ko mila. Thanks a lot dear.

Muhammad Javed

कैंडलस्टिक विश्लेषण की मूल बातें

I Am Tariq Javed From Pakistan Great Learning ..Great passionate Teacher. Thanks Sir

pidimi veerababu

हिंदी में सीखें MS Excel के उपयोगी फ़ॉर्मूले

Great 👌 opportunity I never had simply wondering with course I learnt from this website.


Stock Markets Made Easy

I learnt lot of things and this course also increase my intention to study about share market

Kuldeep sinh Batha

Mutual Fund Mastery Course ( म्यूचुअल फंड मास्टरी कोर्स )

Best course to learn mutual fund and way of teaching is good Thank you sir


Mutual Fund Mastery Course ( म्यूचुअल फंड मास्टरी कोर्स )

This course is really beneficial for all that investment beginners just like me.And this course help me to select Right MUTUAL FUND. And it become helpful to increase my wealth.

Ujjwal Sharma

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Superb course I get to know many things about microsoft excell thankyou very much

Santanu Basu

Stock Markets Made Easy

Very good course. Very useful for the beginners composed perfectly in a nutshell.

Hirak Basak

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Very very good good and certificate is valid I suggest to you do you join the course and complete the exam very very good


Government Financial Schemes

Is there any thing related to Government Small Savings Schemes for Senior Citizens. ??? If yes, please let me know on my email registered with you. Thanks


सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

Course gives brief idea on what to do and what not. The course is designed for who have just heard of stock market. There aren't much technical areas covered. Also real life investment is not explained.

Bhaven Madani

Basics of Financial Markets

Its better to opt for Varsity Module 1 if you like reading, the content here is just information. But there its detailed with easy examples.

ashok shakya

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

This course is eye opener. It is something as blue chip' in stocks. Thank you so much.

Ajay Sandeep Nelaturi

Stock Markets Made Easy

Good introductory knowledge for basics, fundamental and technical knowledge., also covered economical factors that influence stock market. I am satisfied with the course. Thankyou

Shivam Tiwari

Stock Markets Made Easy

Good but have to improve in teaching method eg: while teaching show behind graphic to make more interesting

Surendra Raikwar

Insurance and Taxation Made Easy

I have complete all lession & Test but my Certificate not received till now.

tushar ahire

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

Thank you sir thanks so much for such a beautiful teaching, also you give this course free of cost. So, thanks once again sir.

Md Aman

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

This Course help me a lot and I want to thanks to give us a this type of a great course.

Akshata Khaire

Career Opportunities in Finance

What about 10 supplementary study material which have been mentioned in summary?

Kunal Chaudhari

Stock Markets Made Easy

Easy to understand Earn 800₹ reward.This app allows you to invest in Stocks, Futures, Options, Mutual Funds, IPOs and more and offers Rs. 1000 brokerage credit valid for the first 30 days. Opening an account is fast and paperless! Sign up now with my link to open your account: https://bv7np.app.goo.gl/pAqy1FsMDzFwbH1s8

Joydev Banerjee

Basics of Financial Markets

Course is excellent, but after given the whole examination, the page doesn't move forward which stops to get certificate. Kindly resolve the issue ASAP.

tariq aziz

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

very well explained, in fact, everything. This course is for all beginner as well as advanced level.

sudesh kulkarni

कैंडलस्टिक्स अब हुआ आसान

Fabulous. filing cool now with Candlesticks. Thank you so much Elm & Vivek sir.

Bipasha Rajak

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

I kinda liked it...but the interface was not upto the mark...bcz the whole screen was not visible...so we are confused where all the options in the title bar...

Dhanaseelan V

Stock Markets Made Easy

Everything is good but ratios teaching is missing and your certificate is not opened i don't know what is the format. Please give as pdf format


Stock Markets Made Easy

Just need more familiar language can’t understand what they say and sometimes just thinkings goes bouncer so more well teachable people needed

Prachi Kashyap

Advanced Excel Tutorial Online

All, the way u explain the things not only one time u do it multiple times I like it. I learn alot from you. Thanku

Akhil Babu

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

5 stars all the way. Content, teaching and support were all great, you will feel the experience and clarity throughout-extra credits to Karan Sir. Must do course for an investor.

Arpit Pandey

Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

Excellent course ...everyone who wants to understand businesses of companies should do it. Karan sir is great teacher who taught us everything in very simple language.

Mehul Goyal

Certification in Online Stock Market for Beginners

Its very basic course to know about term In share market. I really enjoy this course and learn lots of thing which can help me in investment money in share market in a proper way

Suresh Kumar

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

It is very good and attractive COURSE, with one example I have learnt so many things to start my first step forward to investing. Thank u so much team for this valuable and precious knowledge.

Alangir Mondal

Basics of Financial Markets

I completely passed but do not download certificate??? How can i download citificate???


Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

It was a great learning experience. The subject was well defined and explained in proper manner.

Hamid Tawani

ADVANCE OPTION SKILLS (एडवांस ऑप्शन स्किल्स)

!! Thank you so much Sir !! Much apricated option course Easy to understand, simple language, hearth touching Point to Point understanding Discipline - Awesome Strategy - Mind blowing No words to appreciate. Must enroll this course. Don't see the price.. Its worthy Anyway price is still too low then other courses on internet Course is time worthy, value the money Enroll and you will stop looking for other courses on internet