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Student Reviews

Ashish Thakur

Certification in Online Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Amazing platform to learn things, this is a good course for beginners to learn about financial planning and wealth management. And special appreciation for sneha ma'am for her helping nature.

Divian Baheti

Certification in Online Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Overall, good comprehensive course for beginners to understand the concept of wealth management. Good support from elearnmarkets team as well, especially from Sneha.

Ahsan Hannan Khan

Certification in Online Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Special Thanks to Sneha Ma’am for helping throughout the course.Wonderful experience all over. Amazing platform to get knowledge in one place.

Virendra Thakkar

Certification in Online Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Saurabh SIr, You did a great job with unique style of your presentation . It brought to light some important points that we were overlooking, and the data revealed our strengths and weaknesses. It has certainly aided in making me to understand where my priorities should be going forward to become Financial Planner or a wealth Manager for my Clients. I certainly hope to see more Courses from E learn Markets in the future. Secondly the Course Coordinator SNEHA was so punctual about the course timings and in providing the links in advance ... Thanks a lot team E Learn market..

Vidyasagar Pachore

Certification in Online Financial Planning & Wealth Management

its good experience to learn….. GOOD FACULTY & Knowledge☺️❤️……but one advice..important point repeat in hindi language……over all good & awesome course…..❤️ As well as … time to time guidance By #sneha mam🙏….thank u❤️

Ashima Varghese

Financial Planning Made Easy

Well Structured and very well explained video course, Goenka Sir has explained the concepts clearly and easily. Thank You Sir and the Team of Elearnmarkets

Arindam ruidas

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

Elearnmar kets courses is the best online class.I am successful in Excel online class


Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

Nice, will be great if they do like this for tally prime & upgraded office 365

arusha ahmed

A2Z of Stock Market for Beginners

I understood very easily as vivek sir used very simple language and explained beautifully . I really enjoyed this course and recommend it to all for understanding the basics and key features of stock market.


Derivatives Made Easy

Test sylabus is not matching with course. Gricks and hedging is not taught in the course still questions are asked. we are loosing marks unnecessary. Please review once again

Sourav Paul

Certification in Online Financial Planning & Wealth Management

I believe what I paid for the course got much more than that. It was a life-changing experience learning those financial concepts that everybody should learn. The course is full of all the necessary information which was taught by an outstanding teacher Mr Saurabh Jain Sir. His knowledge and ability to make understand even the toughest concepts were incomparable. Special thanks to Sir, and the Elearnmarket team for this reform in my life. A must learn course that every non-finance person should attain to learn personal finance most easily.

Manoj Bhume

कैंडलस्टिक विश्लेषण की मूल बातें

It was Wonderful for beginners who wants to basic knowledge of candlesticks patterns and for those who wants to polish their skills overall good content and language is simple to understand so am happy with this course

Abhijit Bhoyar

शेयर बाजार सीखें सरल भाषा में

Best course of share market.... It my help of learning and teaching me for thanks for . Elearnmarket school..

Rajan Gurav

Certification in Online Options Strategies

Not able to appear for tests either from laptop or from mobile app. The attempted questions also shown as not attempted, especially in the Option Strategy module. Facing such issues first time.

Ederson Barreto de Sousa

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

Excelente plataforma de ensino para estudantes da aréa de tecnologia e finaças. Very good!

Govind Kumar

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

If you learn this course in future you have many help from this course must you learn this course.

Ganesh Kumar

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

This is amazing course or training program. Here i can be sure that a lot experience to provide us in an entire tutorial,allover thanks!!

Vinay Chandel

Financial Planning Made Easy

I request all who are in financial sector must go for this course Its awesome, its fully knowledgeable Thanks for its mentors

Akash koli

कैंडलस्टिक्स अब हुआ आसान

Best Candlestick Course is my stock market experience... And i got the certificate... ❤So Ty A Lot

Kruthin U Kashyap

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

Very well explained from basics to advanced and one must take this course if they want to learn MS-Excel. Highly Recommended! Thank you! Elearnmarkets for providing such a wonderful course.

Ganesh Patil

A2Z of Stock Market for Beginners

लय भारी sir तुम्ही मार्केट बदल लय भारी शिकवता आणि या मुळे आमचा आभ्यास हा पूर्ण complete होतो thanks 📊📉📈

Jayesh Ambiger

Financial Planning Made Easy

All though the sir who was explaining was a great explainer as I understood and learnt a lot from this course about financial planning, how to manage our life, good broker's to invest, when to invest everything was great as it was basics of financial markets. But I have a question about is this certificate which we get after clearing the test and watching video by gaining knowledge is it valued in offline mode where in we can use it for job purpose ? Please do reply out for my question Thank you!

Hitesh Jain

Career Opportunities in Finance

great course and the way the faculty explained the was also good . Everyone must listen and enroll for this course

trivedi tanishc

शेयर बाजार सीखें सरल भाषा में

It's good but make a notes regarding to content so,we understand properly. Thank you so much,for giving knowledge 🥰🥰..

Saurabh Yewale

A2Z of Stock Market for Beginners

Good and knowledgeable course for beginners but need some more content like how the price of share declared, diffrence between penny stock and premium stocks


Career Opportunities in Finance

is there any certificate for completing the course? I would be preferable if we have one

Kedar Paratkar

कैंडलस्टिक विश्लेषण की मूल बातें

खुपचं छान व मोजक्या आणि प्रभावी शब्दात संपूर्णपणे कँडल स्टिक आणि त्याबद्दल विस्तीर्ण माहिती मिळाली. शेयर बाजारात नवीन असणाऱ्या लोकांना याचा खूप खूप उपयोग होणार आणि त्याबद्दल आपले व आपल्या संपुर्ण टिम चे मनपुर्वक आभार व्यक्त करतो आणि आपण असेच नवीन लोकांना मार्गदर्शन करावे हि आपणांस विनंती करतो

Imran G Khalifa

Complete Price Action Course - Sushant Jain

Excellent content .. it's clear my massive doubts ... Given me a clear direction about .. when to start and how to reach the destination ... Felt like fog clear and clear to se right path of my stock market journy ...

Manideepa Datta

Career Opportunities in Finance

I am a First year student of Sociology honours . Currently I am also pursuing Bachelor of Computer Applications also. So am I suitable for this job ? I am available for work from home. But after 28th February , I will be unable to do the course because my Semester 1 Examinations are starting and completing on 4th March,2022.

Gouranga Bandhu

Certification in Online Technical Analysis

Teaching quality good but Less Teaching about intraday strategy. more example needed to handle current market volatility.


Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

yest it is good platform i like it .but costomer support is so slow i have mail them but no response

Nikita Toshwal

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

Thank u Elearnmarkets . In this , all the contents are good and well explained in a wery easy format I learned much things on advanced level here But the only things is that ,in some units the tutor did some tricks but skip it explanation , how it has been done otherwise this course is mind-blowing. Highly Recommended to all.

Avinash suryawanshi

हिंदी में सीखें MS Excel के उपयोगी फ़ॉर्मूले

I got it certificet in exel just now 😇🤘17.02.2022 great learning site

Vaishnavi Dudam

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

It's very helpful to me I am very happy learning join with you

Rahul Kumar Ranjan

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

Nice course.... Very easy to learn basic of stock market and very useful for non stock market invester also. This video is very useful for me to know about basic of stock market. Thankyou sir!

Shamsherul Haque

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

Course content is quite good. But apps not as per the marks. Apps require a lot of improvement.

siddharth kamble

Financial Market Expert

fianancial market expert mera course complete ho gaya hai muze certificate abhi tk nahi mila plz

Ajay Singh

Career Opportunities in Finance

All course is easy to understand, the approach of teaching is an awesome. A big thanks to create such valuable, full of knowledge plateform from anyone can get the learnings about market and finance..

Satyendra Sudershan

Stock Markets Made Easy

The course was eye opener for me . It gives confidence too. For beginners this is very much helpful.

pijush sardar

Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

Excel is a very essential courses for me.its help me for my accounting or financial also.


Advanced Excel & Financial Calculations

This course is very useful.I learned many things. I request you to please do many more courses because it is very useful to everyone

Nisarg Dave

Certification in Online Financial Planning & Wealth Management

its good experience to learn online, effective content and helpful in practical life.

Magesh Ethiraj

A2Z of Stock Market for Beginners

Useful informations for beginners who want to know basics of investing and trading.

Rinku Mathur

सरल स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स (Stock Market Course For Beginners)

Every one can understand this Beacuse the way of explaining is very meaningful

Sarnendu Paul

Stock Markets Made Easy

The course was amazing. The process of teaching is also simple and easy to understand.