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NISM Preparatory Derivatives Series

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National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) is a public trust, established by SEBI, whose objective is to promote securities market education and research. NISM is mandated to implement certification examinations for professionals employed in various segments of the Indian securities markets.

NISM has launched the NISM-Series-XIII: Common Derivatives Certification Examination as an "additional choice" which the candidates may choose to take instead of appearing for the Currency Derivatives (Series-I), Interest Rate Derivatives (Series-IV) and NISM’s Equity Derivatives (Series-VIII) examinations individually.

The NISM series VIII Equity Derivatives Certification Examination is conducted for those, who wants to build an in-depth knowledge on various derivatives products available in equity derivatives markets, regulations and risks associated with the products and the exchange mechanisms of clearing and settlement and future and options trading. The NISM Exam for Equity Derivatives is now the standard benchmark examination for Approved users and sales personnel in the derivatives segment.

The NISM Series I - Currency Derivatives Certification Exam aims to build an in-depth knowledge for persons working in the currency derivative segment giving a complete understanding of currency markets, exchange-traded currency derivative products, operational process efficiency ,and risk controls. The NISM Derivatives exam is now the standard benchmark examination for Approved users and sales personnel in the Currency Derivatives segment.


The preparatory course aims to enable a better understanding of various derivatives products available in the three derivatives segments (i.e., Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Interest Rate Derivatives) and understand the various trading and hedging strategies that can be built using futures and options, regulations and risks associated with these products and the exchange mechanisms of clearing and settlement related to the markets. The students will understand both theoretical and practical know–how of the various trading strategies that can be built using futures and options. Also, they shall have a clear understanding of clearing, settlement, risk management and operational mechanism related to the derivative markets. We provide all kind of support to the students to ensure that they clear the examination with flying colors.


This programme will enable the students to prepare exhaustively for the NISM Preparatory Derivatives Series.The participants of this course will be provided with a series of preparatory videos, free email query, online student's community support where they can post their queries and study materials.There are mock tests designed after each session to check and ensure the level of understanding of the students.All the knowledge content is provided by Kredent Academy.

Topics Covered

Basics of Derivatives:

  • Definition, Importance, Derivative products, Market Participants
  • Types of Derivative Markets & Risks

Introduction to the Underlying Markets:

  • Types of Financial Markets, Stock Exchange
  • Index: Computation Management and Revision
  • Currency Markets, Fixed Income Securities Market

Introduction to Forwards and Futures:

  • Basics of Forward and Future Contracts
  • Cash & Carry Model for Future pricing
  • Currency & Interest Rate Futures

Strategies Using Futures :

  • Hedging Strategies, Speculative Strategies, Arbritrage Strategies, Spread Strategies

Introduction to Options:

  • Basics of Options, Moneyness of Options
  • Option Greeks, Option Pricing, Option Payoffs, Long Call,Short Call,Long Put & Short Put

Option Trading Strategies:

  • Combination Strategies, Range Bound View Strategies, Breakout View Strategies, Other Strategies

Introduction to Trading, Clearing, Settlement & Risk Management:

  • Clearing Mechanism, Settlement Mechanism

Legal and Regulatory Environment :

  • Regulatory framework for trading
  • Regulatory Framework for Clearing & Settlement & Risk Management
  • Regulatoy Framework for Currency Exchange Clearing Corporation
  • Various Regulators in Bond& Interest Rate Derivatives Market
  • Regulatory Reporting requirement for Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Role of FIMMDA in fixed income & derivative markets in India
  • Major recommendations of J.R Verma Committee & L.C Gupta Committee

Accounting and Taxation:

  • Accounting entries for Equity Derivatives
  • Accounting entries for Currency Futures
  • Taxation for Equities

Sales Practices, Code of Conduct and Investor Protection Measures:

  • Code of conduct for Brokers and sub-brokers
  • Basics of Investor Protection Mechanisms
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Investor Grievance Mechanism

Intended Participants

NISM Preparatory Derivatives Series Certification Examination is useful for fresher’s who are new to the market and would like to get introduced to the basic knowledge of Derivative markets in all segments (i.e., Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives , and Interest Rate Derivatives). New Investors, Retail Traders, Brokers and Sub-brokers of Derivative Segment, approved users and sales personnel of the trading members of the Currency Derivatives Segment of a recognised stock exchange and trading in Currency Derivatives, Interest Rate Derivatives or equity derivatives, this course is a perfect choice!


  • 20 Videos
  • 6+ Hours of Content
  • 3 Supplementary Study Materials
  • Chapterwise Tests
  • Full-Length Tests