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Beginners Guide to Stock Market - Complete Starter Toolkit

Price: 8,399


Stock Market for Beginners - Complete Starter is a perfectly designed course, which aims to teach you the basics of Stock Markets, Technical Analysis, analysis of Financial Statements as well as value investment strategies. It will help the students to gain a clear understanding of the basic terminologies of Stock Market, various facets of Financial Statement, various concepts of Technical Analysis, such as different types of charts, gap analysis, support & resistance, Bollinger bands, etc, and value investment strategies undertaken by famous value investors.

After going through this combination of courses, the participants will gain knowledge on the basics of stock trading, stock indices stock exchange, financial intermediaries, as well as common size analysis and ratio analysis and finally value investing strategies. They will also learn about the practical application of various technical analysis techniques in the financial market. The details of some of the favorite trading platforms of the instructor will also be shared with the learners.

They will also be able to develop their own investment framework to check whether a stock is a value stock or not.


This collection of courses will help the students:

  • To learn about the basics of Stock Market and Stock Trading
  • To have a clear understanding of various concepts of Technical Analysis
  • To gain knowledge of various concepts of financial statements
  • To know about common size analysis and ratio analysis
  • To observe the practical application of various technical analysis techniques
  • To understand the concepts of Stock Exchange, Stock Indices and Financial Intermediaries
  • To develop a complete investment evaluation framework to check  value stocks.


This combination of programmes will help the learners:

  • To understand financial statement analysis by using ratio analysis and common size analysis
  • To understand the essentials of the Stock market, Stock Exchanges, Financial Intermediaries and Stock Indices
  • To learn technical analysis concepts and see their practical application in the financial markets
  • To learn about the author's favorite trading pattern, which is a ready to use trading system in itself
  • To develop a comprehensive investment evaluation framework
  • To identify and determine whether a business is undertaking any shady accounting practices or whether it can sustain its growth, etc.

Topics Covered

  • Stock & Stock Market Basics
  • Stock Exchanges & Financial Intermediaries
  • Basics of Stock Trading
  • Understanding Financial Statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Common Size & Ratio Analysis of Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Charting Techniques & Various Chart Types
  • Gaps Trading
  • Support & Resistance Concepts
  • Trend Lines & Trend Channels
  • Technical Indicators
  • Candlesticks Patterns
  • Our favorite trading pattern for all timeframes (along with guidelines)
  • Value Investing Strategies
  • Moat Based Value Investing
  • Investment Framework

Intended Participants

This collection of courses is suitable for beginners/investors new to the stock markets. It is also beneficial for anyone who wants to apply technical analysis for making a suitable investment or trading decisions. Any individual wanting to analyze the financial statements of a company for stock investment will also be greatly benefited from this combination. It will also greatly benefit individual looking to earn a consistent return from value investment strategies as well as individuals looking for an investment evaluation framework.


  • 69 Videos
  • 6+ hours of Content
  • 5 PDFs
  • 24 Tests
Introduction to Stock Market
Introduction to Stock Market

By Yash Utmani -


Building Blocks of Technical Analysis

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Value Investing Strategies
Value Investing Strategies

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