Basics of Commerce A Complete Study


Commerce can be defined as a series of activities essential for the transport of goods or services from the point of their origin to their consumption point. In today's world development of commerce has lead to enhanced quality of standard of living.

Basics of Commerce: A Complete Study is a perfectly designed course which aims to enable he students to gain comprehensive knowledge on various fundamental concepts of Commerce.


This programme will enable the participants :

  • To understand  the defintion of  Commerce and its various branches.
  • To know about the internal trade in small and large scale retail organizations.
  • To gain complete knowledge on International Trade.
  • To know about  various aspects of banking transport and insurance and advertising.


This course will enable the learners to gain comprehensive knowledge on the fundamental aspects of commerce. They will also gain expertise on basic concepts of banking, insurance, advertising, etc. The participants will also undertstand the working of the internal trade structure of both small and large scale retail organizations.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Commerce
  • Internal Trade-Small Scale Retail Organizations
  • Internal Trade-Large Scale Retail Organizaton
  • International Trade
  • Banking
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Advertising


Intended Participants

  • Students pursuing Commerce
  • Students in the field  of Accounting/Finance
  • Accounting/Finance Executives wanting to refresh their knowledge on Commerce
  • Anyone who is interested in knowing what the field of Commerce is all about



  • 104 Videos
  • 4+ Hours of  Content

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