Data Analytics in Excel

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Practical use of advance excel formulas and analytics and how to use combinations of the same to undertake some top notch data analysis in your excel workbook.


  • Practical application of excel formulas and analytics
  • Understanding how to use these formulas and analytics


Most people know and understand excel formulas; however they struggle when it comes to the application of these. Data Analytics in Excel helps resolve that dilemma as the starting point of the course is a raw data set (rather than a formula) and then logical application of excel formulas and analytics which would be the best fit for an expected result.

Topics Covered

  • Advanced Excel formulas
  • Goalseek
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Pivot Tables

Intended Participants

This advanced excel course will benefit every individual who uses excel in some form or the other.


  • 20 Videos
  • 3+ Hours of Content
  • 5+ Supplementary Study Materials

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