Data Analytics in Excel


Practical use of advance excel formulas and analytics and how to use combinations of the same to undertake some top notch data analysis in your excel workbook.


  • Practical application of excel formulas and analytics
  • Understanding how to use these formulas and analytics


Most people know and understand excel formulas; however they struggle when it comes to the application of these. Data Analytics in Excel helps resolve that dilemma as the starting point of the course is a raw data set (rather than a formula) and then logical application of excel formulas and analytics which would be the best fit for an expected result.

Topics Covered

  • Advanced Excel formulas
  • Goalseek
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Pivot Tables

Intended Participants

This advanced excel course will benefit every individual who uses excel in some form or the other.


  • 20 Videos
  • 3+ Hours of Content
  • 5+ Supplementary Study Materials

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