Know the Financial Market & Link Investment Strategies with Its Environment


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Basic Finance
3 Years
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Md Mohan Uddin

Any individual wanting to invest in the financial markets, must have a clear idea of both the structure and the players of such markets. This would help them to formulate and employ better investment strategies thereby giving them greater success.This course will enable  the students to get a clear idea of the competitive nature of the financial markets and help them choose appropriate investments as well as portfolio management strategies.


This programme aims to help the participants to:

  • Differentiate between real assets and financial assets
  • Identify the different types of financial assets
  • Explain the decisions associated with different portfolio construction strategies
  • Recognize the implications of the financial markets
  • Classify the major players and their role in financial markets 


This course will help the learners to  gain knowledge on the nature of financial assets, financial market players and the competitive nature of such markets.It will also help to have a clear understanding of the investment strategies so they can become smart investors, thereby outperforming other investors who simply follow other participant's actions or rumors.

Topics Covered

Real Assets versus Financial Assets:

  • Real assets
  • Financial assets
  • Financial assets and real assets - the link
  • Investments in real assets

Financial Assets:

  • Types of financial assets
  • Fixed income or debt securities
  • Equity securities
  • Derivative securities

The Investment Process:

  • Portfolio management activities
  • Asset classes
  • Portfolio construction decisions
  • Portfolio construction strategies

Competition in the Financial markets:

  • Implications of competitive financial markets
  • The risk-return trade-off
  • Efficient markets - the hypothesis
  • Efficient markets - investment management strategies

The Players in the Financial Markets:

  • The players in the financial markets
  • Three major players - business firms
  • Three major players – households
  • Three major players – governments
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Financial intermediaries - investment companies
  • Investment bankers

Intended Participants:

  • Stock traders
  • Investors
  • Anyone who wants to be familiar with financial markets
  • Anyone who intends to employ appropriate investment strategies
  • Novice investment managers


  • 24 Videos
  • 1+ Hour of Content


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