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Investing in Gold and Gold Mining Stocks

Investing in Gold and Gold Mining Stocks



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Course Details

  • Listed In : Commodity
  • Language : English
  • Difficulty : Advanced
  • Validity : 360 days
  • Program : Self-Paced Recorded
  • Instructor : Daksh Murkute

20 students enrolled

Course Highlights

  • 9 videos
  • 1+ hours of content


GOLD - Everyone around the world is aware of this precious metal. Not just today but from the beginning of human civilization gold has been a part of human society. Everyone around the world wants to own gold but what makes this precious metal soo valuable. As I already mentioned gold has been a part of our human civilization. Earlier it was used as currency in the form of gold coins or gold bars. With time we humans have found thousands of ways in which we can use gold. Nowadays gold is used in almost every industry like aerospace, pharmaceutical industry, food, and many more. With time we have found countless ways to use gold but when do we consider gold as an asset or gold as an investment?


Before we move. forward I would like to introduce myself.

My Name is Daksh Murkute.

I am a full-time Trader and Investor. I have been in this industry for the past 8 years. Investing is a Skill that every person in the world should master. Today I am here with another Great opportunity that can change your financial fate

This Class is a Gold Mine and The Information inside it is Pure Gold.

So without wasting any time Let's get started with this.

About the Trainer

Daksh Murkute

Daksh Murkute

Daksh Murkute is a Trader and Investor with extensive experience of 8 years. He has been investing and trading in a variety of different asset classes. He is the founder of Forex Monopoly and Cryptos Monopoly - three years ago with the goal of educating the public about investing and trading. He has taught over 35,000+ students about trading and investing on various online platforms from all over the world.


Welcome to Investing in GOLD.

This class is designed in such a way that you can easily identify the best time and the best way to invest in gold. This is a complete course on investing in gold. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about GOLD and how to invest in GOLD. This Course also covers this interesting and profitable topic of GOLD mining Stock. This will not only help you choose your best gold mining stocks for you but will also help you get a blueprint by which you can choose the right ones for you.


  • Learn about Gold 
  • Learn about Gold Mining Stocks 
  • Learn how to invest in Gold 
  • How to Choose Best Gold Mining Stocks?

Topics Covered

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about GOLD and how to invest in GOLD

  • Why GOLD? - Why out of all the precious metals why you should invest in gold. What makes gold such an interesting asset to invest in. This video covers everything you need to know about the history of gold and how it has been using in our society for the past thousands of years. Gold Price Investing.


  • The New GOLD RULE - This new gold rule has been brought up by the most powerful bank in the world. This rule has changed gold forever as an asset. This rule has made gold a safer investment than ever before. Every investor in gold or gold investor should know about this rule.


  • Effect of Recession on GOLD - Everyone around the world knows that the world is about to be hit by a recession or global financial crisis. But there is a particular way in which gold reacts in each recession. This video covers the interesting topic of the effect of the recession on gold.


  • Understand the GOLD MARKET CYCLE - Till now you must have understood that gold works in a cycle. There is a time when the price of gold goes up and there is a time when the price of gold goes down. If you are able to understand this cycle of gold then you can easily take advantage of the time when the price of gold shoots up.


  • Right Time to Invest in GOLD - I know everyone wants to know the right time to invest in gold. This video of the course covers exactly that topic. If you are able to know the right time to invest in gold and take action at the right time then you can easily double your investment in gold. This will let you know the best time for buying gold.

Intended Participants

Anyone who wants to Start Trading in the Biggest Financial Market in the world.


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