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Master Iron Condor with Adjustments


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Course Details

  • Listed In : Derivatives
  • Language : English
  • Difficulty : Advanced
  • Validity : 180 days
  • Program : Self-Paced Recorded
  • Instructor : PRADEEP SINGLA

199 students enrolled

Course Highlights


  • 8 videos explaining all the aspects.
  • 2+ hours of content.
  • Step by step explanation.
  • Right adjustment techniques.
  • Back- testing results for one year.
  • Simulation trades with adjustments  - done for tough months.
  • Focus on practical aspects of trading the strategy.



In Options trading , most of the traders think they will make profits but ground reality is different. Most of the traders do not do proper risk management , leading to profit for few trades but then a losing trade which not only takes away the previous profit but also part of capital.
Iron Condor strategy if properly implemented, has in-built risk management. With right adjustments, whatever risk is there , can also be almost removed.
Excellent strategy to start your Options trading journey with this powerful Strategy, only when implemented properly.

About the Trainer


IIM alumnus having more than 14 years of experience in Options Trading. More than 8 years of experience in providing training in Option trading strategies and adjustments. Left high profile corporate jobs & became Full time trader, Co-founder of THE OPTION SCHOOL having popular YouTube Channel by same name. Extremely specialized  in creating unique adjustments in Option trading strategies. Also faculty for NSE Academy & has done many workshops jointly with NSE Academy.


  • Objective of this course is to make the trader absolutely clear about the Iron Condor strategy, its execution and adjustment in different market scenarios.
  • With this kind of know-how with the trader, he will be able to sail through all the market situations with confidence and without putting his money to any big risk.
  • This way of dealing with markets gives profits which are stress free and hence, trader can also scale up his trading capital.


  • Participant attending this program should be able to create, adjust and book profit through IRON CONDOR strategy, without taking too much risk in his trading.
  • This is a conservative way of using the strategy with excellent returns. So month on month, trader is able to follow the rule based trading and keep on taking advantage of this wonderful set up.
  • With right adjustment plan, risk element in the trade is almost reduced to NIL , which gives trader the confidence to scale up the investing capital.
  • The method with which every thing is explained, makes it easy to not only grasp the important concepts , but also to execute those concepts in the real markets.
  • Back-testing shown makes it extremely clear on how to use the framework given in the workshop.

Topics Covered

Following topics will be covered.

  1. What is an IRON CONDOR ?
  2. How to set up the Iron Condor trade ?
  3. How to select the strike prices ?
  4. What kind of greeks are involved ?
  5. What kind of margins are required ?
  6. When to do the adjustment ?
  7. What should be the right adjustment for the trade ?
  8. What is the  possible return through right implementation of the strategy ?
  9. Back - Testing of strategy & its adjustment for previous months.

Intended Participants

This course can be beneficial for :

  • Traders, investors looking for conservative and relatively safe returns from the market.
  • Basics of call and put should be clear to participants before joining the course.
  • Also, the risk associated with selling and buying of options should be absolutely clear.


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