Stock Market Basics for Beginners

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Beginner’s Guide to Stock Markets is an introduction to the world of financial markets, more commonly known as the stock markets. It is a selection of lessons from the wide and varied courses of elearnmarkets for the newcomers to the stock markets.


This course is a brief introduction to the stock markets, derivatives, fundamental and technical analysis. Students attending this course will get a glimpse of the vast field of financial markets. 


This well-designed program equips you with 32 videos along with a free e-book of technical analysis. It has been developed to give an idea of the various aspects of financial markets to the students, so that they are able to decide their further endeavours in the field accordingly.

Topics Covered

The Topics covered in the course are:

  • Capital Market
  • Primary Market v.s. Secondary Market
  • Flow of Capital
  • Stock Market
  • Indices
  • Circuit Breakers
  • The economic system
  • GDP
  • Introduction to Corporate Action
  • Fundamental Analysis and Equity Research
  • What are derivatives
  • Types of Derivatives
  • Philosophy of Technical analysis

Who will benefit from this course?

It will be beneficial for college goers and people who are new to the markets. Those who have no prior knowledge of the financial markets will gain a perception about it. 

Topics Covered

32 videos

Free e-book on Technical Analysis

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