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Navigating the Intricacies of Capital Market

Many of you fear entering the markets because of these challenges

Limited Understanding of Financial Instruments

Inadequate Knowledge of Market Dynamics

Fear of Losses in Trading & Investing

Difficulty Managing Financial Assets

Lack of Risk Management Strategies

Challenges in Reading Technical Charts

Why join ENCCMP?

Joint Certification by NSE & Elearnmarkets

This certification not only shows your competence in financial markets but also improves your credibility by providing a recognized and valued credential for professional growth in the financial sector.

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Achieve your Financial Goals

E-NCCMP will help you with both theoretical and practical expertise in stock market dynamics. After training over 2000 people, we are certain that the tools and strategies provided will help you emerge as a successful market participant.

360° Financial Market Overview

You will gain experiential learning in financial markets by diving deep into the essential concepts. For your tailored needs, you will also learn from sector-based case studies. We will guide you through company analysis, entry/exit points, risk assessment, and factors influencing market movements.

200+ Videos

Get access to over 200 recorded videos & learn at your own pace. Topics covered include financial statement analysis, mastering chart patterns, understanding options Greeks, advanced trading techniques, etc.

How does this Course work?

Over the next few months, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the capital market by exploring a blend of fundamental and technical analysis, including macroeconomics, diverse investment approaches and basic concepts of technical analysis and derivatives markets

Module 1 Introduction to the Stock Market

Mentor: Shruti Gupta

Learn investing fundamentals, capital market structures, IPOs, stock market dynamics, mutual funds, live terminals, and basics of currency and foreign exchange markets

Module 2 Macroeconomics and its Impact on the Capital Market

Mentor: Anirudh Saraf

Importance of macroeconomics, the roles and interaction of market segments, GDP, phases of economic cycles, various economic indicators such as inflation, deflation, housing market indicators, etc, fiscal and monetary policy tools, international trade indicators and case study on Black Wednesday

Module 3 Mastering Fundamental Analysis

Mentor: Smita Mohta

Introduction to fundamental analysis, different approaches to stock investing, company analysis techniques, financial statement analysis, interpreting the balance sheet, ratio analysis, key to fundamental analysis

Module 4 Understanding Technical Analysis

Mentor: Souradeep Dey

Introduction to technical analysis, dow theory and trendline, support and resistance, classical and candlestick chart patterns, gap theory, technical indicators and oscillators, fibonacci and markets, trading strategies, trading psychology, risk management and money management

Module 5 Introduction to Derivatives Market

Mentor: Anirudh Saraf

Introduction to derivatives and its types, F&O payoff, futures pricing, futures strategies, options pricing, option greeks, option strategies, open interest, rollover and margins, taxation on F&O trading

Discover the incredible power that comes from understanding dynamic capital markets

By the end of this course, you will be able to make informed investing and trading decisions

Analyze the stocks for effective entry and exit points

Estimate the risk of a trade or investment in stocks

Learn how to balance risk and return for the best investing results

Identify reversals in the market by understanding the trends

Get insights into market psychology and its influence on trading decisions

Learn useful technical and options trading strategies for risk management

Meet your Mentors

How do you get a Certificate?

The candidate must pass the NCFM examination to get the Certificate of Completion of NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional.

Register on the NSE website by clicking here: NCFM: Registration. NCFM ID and password will be generated. This ID and password will be used for registering for the examination.

For the list of test centres, click here: List of test centres.

Check the availability of seats before filling up the form in the next step: Check seat availability.

After the above steps, fill in the following: FORM.

A confirmation will be sent by NSE directly to you for the seat booked. This confirmation email may not be sent immediately but may take at least a week to be received by you before the examination date.

Also, your hall ticket will be uploaded to your NCFM account itself.

Note: Your fee for the course is all-inclusive for the examination given for the first time. In case you appear for the examination more than once, the fee amount of Rs 2006 will be paid by you. The request for the payment details will have to be sent to the email id

Course Pricing

₹16,000 +GST

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What’s Included?

  • 20+ hours On-demand Content

  • 10+ Text-based Content

  • Interactive Learning Tools

  • Jointly certified program by NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets


Amit kumar Dhankhar

An extremely helpful and informative course, especially in live clasess. materials were well organized and provided Instructor was extremely professional and pleasant to learn from. Thanks a lot to the support team and specially Sneha Singh for your quick help and assistance.

Sankara Narayan V

Excellent course ,Good mentor and good follow up with the learners. Sneha singh has coordinated well & Proper response for Queries.

Nishit sarupria

The course is very good and it helped me in learning the technical and fundamental part which helps me in analyzing different stocks. Overall experience is good, the faculty is very helpful and cooperative.

Sachin sival

nice course.very good learning materiel.faculty is's a superb course for those who want to increase their knowledge for stock market.course material is very good.doubt clearing sessions are very nice.i recommend this course.its highly knowledgeable.each and every content in this course are well explained.

Avisnash Kumar

Plenty of information and essential for those who want to learn basics to advance level concepts of the stock market. I'm thankful to the team of tutors.

Subha Arthanari

Just started this course and so happy with it. I was pleasantly surprised that In addition to course videos we also have weekly live classes. Amazing and great value for money too. The best part it is wholly practically orientated, Thanks Elearnmarkets team and Bravo to your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP) course is jointly certified by NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets (NSE Academy is a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India). This course is a perfectly designed capital market course, to create a powerful knowledge bank on various tools and techniques required in depth understanding of the functioning of capital markets.

The course simplifies financial jargons like Equities, Currency, Mutual Funds, Derivatives and IPOs. It is a perfect blend of Fundamental Analysis, that help investor pick the right stock and Technical Analysis which will provide the correct entry and exit timing and prices of the stock through the study of charts.

In this course, the candidate will be required to appear for the NCFM examination. Please note that the candidate will get the Certificate of Completion of NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional after successfully clearing the NCFM Examination. And this certificate recognized in the financial industry.

Yes, this course is suitable for freshers who would like to get introduced to basic market terminologies and concepts.

The certification is well-regarded in the financial industry. It covers a broad range of topics relevant to the capital market. Being an online program, participants can learn at their own pace and often receive access to course materials for future reference.

NSE courses, including the E-NCCMP program, are generally suitable for beginners. They provide a structured and foundational understanding of capital markets, making them accessible for individuals with limited prior knowledge in finance.

The Certificate of Completion of NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional after successfully clearing the NCFM Examination.

This course lays a foundation of basic concepts of capital markets, which shall equip the students with both theoretical and practical know-how of the subject. We suggest that the students should have a minimum qualification from Higher Secondary School, i.e., class 12. This will help the student to grasp the concepts well and move in pace with the course for successful learning.

a. Login to with your registered email ID
b. Go to My Account and click on “My Courses”
c. Click on NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP)

Elearnmarkets ensures complete hand-holding of its students during and even after the course's completion. At any time, whenever you have a doubt or a query, you can post your doubts in the discussion forum.

To post your queries in the discussion forum, follow the below-mentioned steps:
a. Go to the video in which you are having doubts
b. Click on the Q&A Tab and then click on Ask a New Question
c. A dialog box will open. Type the topic in which you are having doubt and the specific doubt you are having. Please provide as many details as possible.

No, we do not assist in placement upon completion of this course.

To complete the course successfully, the student needs to appear for the NCFM examination. Register on the NSE website by clicking here: NCFM: Registration

The fee for re-appearing the NCFM Examination is Rs. 2007 (Including GST) as of August’23. However, the first attempt exam fee is included in your course fee itself.

After successfully completing the examination, the student has to apply for Certificates. This needs to be done from the Elearnmarkets website. For more details, reach Ms Sunita at 9051622255 or write to

Yes, you will get a Certificate of Completion after successfully clearing the NCFM Examination, which has a lifetime validity.

Write to us at if you have any questions or queries.