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FinnovationZ India

FinnovationZ India

Prasad Lendwe’s journey has been about learning from experience and dispensing the same to the masses and people around him. He pursued a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai and later on a B.E in Electrical Engineering. He is a self-taught person who has learned and is still learning from real-life experiences and resources at hand.

FinnovationZ India

Prasad Lendwe is an Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Investment Expert. He has 10+ years of experience in the stock market, has 2.3+ million subscribers on YouTube, a 17.5% CAGR Personal Portfolio and 8+ years of itching experience.

His Achievements:

He is the founder of FinnovationZ. The FinnovationZ courses have over 30,000 students enrolled. In addition, he has over 2.34 million followers on his YouTube channel.

His Early Life:

There was a little tea and biscuit store in the town of Malkapur, where people would stop by for a cup of tea and some toast. Little Prasad saw his grandfather manage money at the business, provide items in response to growing demand, and come up with some amazing marketing strategies that are taught in B-Schools. He began studying investment and supply and demand. When he learned about stock market investing in high school, his thirst was satisfied.

It was 2010's summertime. Prasad and his friends were teens back then, passing the time without a concern in the world. Their days were spent with friends, school, and study. They were in a bubble where they were mostly unaffected by events occurring in the outside world. Every Sunday, a friend would bring financial newspapers, such as The Economic Times, to their hangout. The internet was not as prevalent or as all-encompassing back then as it is now. Information was not as easily accessible.

His avid interest was sparked by the Economic Times, which served as a window to the outside world. It sent him on a mission to learn anything he could get his hands on, and he read everything. He went through every book and magazine, even old ones. Over time, the significance of financial literacy became increasingly apparent.

His YouTube Journey:

He launched his YouTube channel - FinnovationZ by Prasad in 2014. All he wanted to do back then was impart some wisdom to his loved ones and friends. He had no idea that his family would eventually number more than 2.34 million members. Sharing knowledge, from the fundamentals of investing to the intricacies of the stock market, was the first step. At that point, he made the decision to expand and add case studies and advancements in the business sector. After all, being financially savvy goes beyond simply understanding the fundamentals. It is necessary to be aware of what is going on in the outside world. His guiding principle is to "make people safe by raising awareness" in order to safeguard both his family of viewers and everyone else. 

FinnovationZ Journey:

The firm FinnovationZ was formally established in 2018. In order to further his goal of raising financial literacy, Prasad has created a number of courses geared for novices and amateurs. He has covered everything, from the fundamentals of the stock market to more complex subjects like technical and fundamental analysis. For the greatest impact, Prasad also intends to provide classes in the many vernacular languages. He has developed an extensive platform where everyone can learn about investing. His aim is to improve education and make financial information as accessible as the newest rumours from Bollywood.

This is the story so far. From a small company of 2-3 people, FinnovationZnow employs 51-200 employees in India. His mission is still ongoing, and it won't end until he achieves his ultimate objective of having a financially independent India.

The Road Ahead - FinnovationZ to Convey:

He has also launched two new products – Takeoff and Convey.

Takeoff is the first B2B platform for mutual fund distribution in India. This product's logic is derived from his own experiences. Takeoff will provide companies, business owners, and more with a smooth and simple onboarding experience. Takeoff provides everything, from simple registration to quick redemption. It has the capacity to bring down India's fin-tech industry on its own.

Convey is the latest stock market learning, practice, and investment platform. His goal with Convey is to provide a secure environment where prospective investors may study the fundamentals, assess their understanding with tests, and then put what they've learned into practice in a simulated setting. He feels that doing so will build trust in them and put them in a position to achieve substantial gains.